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  1. Thanks Dirk! It's been a great experience for all of us. She's 6 months and we just started working with a trainer, so we were a little nervous about all the distractions there. She went in the water up to her chest the first day and was swimming like a pro the next. Watching her absorb everything around her is quite interesting. Truly an amazing dog.
  2. Topic is right on time! We are taking our 6 month old to the beach with us next week. She loves the streams and lakes near our house, so it will be interesting to see how she is in the Salt water. We are going to a dedicated dog beach, that has umbrellas on posts with d-rings to snap a leash into. They give you a big water bowl and a dog bed that's like a small mesh chaislounge so your dog can get off the sand. They also have nice showers to wash your dog off with. Pretty cool.
  3. Just wanted to say hello and thank you. We're new Boarder Collie parents, a 10 week old puppy who has been with us for a week. Her name is Lucy. Reading this forum helped us to prepare for this furry alligator. Our last dog was a dachshund who passed away about a year ago. We were a little nervous before we picked her up because of what we were reading on the web. After 3 days, we dispaired, all that manic energy and biting. Then I started reading the thread about Mangled Hands 10 week old puppy's biting and aggressive behavior. We started following the suggestions of those that responded- especially how to use the crate and positive reinforcement, and everything turned around within a few days. We both have made mistakes in the past with our dogs, mostly angry negative punishments, and we have been determined to be positive and patient littermates. So thank you for helping us to get off to a good start. We are looking forward to our new adventure. Here is a pic of our girl. Proof that the crate works
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