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  1. Enzsound, it sounds like you're really trying and it takes time (and is worth it) Indiana, your dog sounds like my Diesel, who I've only had for 4 months (he's 15 months old) and he had a sheltered start. He used to lunge at everything; cars, people and dogs. We have some walks to get off lead time in the park and walk as best we can. We have other walks just to practice walking well; first it was just in our housing courtyard, once he could do that we've been adding more and more streets. When something triggers him, we either turn, cross the road or sometimes I pick him up. Its taken time but things are triggering him less, but its still work. He's also food motivated on lead, toy motivate off lead. We taught him fetch at home and now we use it as his recall; we raise a hand and call his name. He runs back and he gets one or two throws of fetch and then goes back to it. He now always checks in on me incase we get to play. We also play sniffing games at home; hiding 5 pieces of dogfood around the room and letting him find it. Three times and it chills him out at home, it chills him out before a walk and if he's become overwhelmed on the street. Dog meetings were tough at the start; he would lunge on the lead and freeze when meeting other dogs. I started to limit meetings to 3 second before calling him away (or picking him up) and slowly by meeting more dogs this way he has become better (but not perfect).
  2. I pretty much second everything said already. I use Lawgirl's technique, I get a sit, I get some eye contact then we walk away with a treat. D'elle is on the money, I've been doing settling exercises twice a day for 4 months with Diesel and the improvement on the street is fantastic. I'm also working up to the look at that game. Probably against the rules, but I've started to pick him up when something happens and walk away which calms him down. You can do it.
  3. Hey all, I love how supportive this forum is; I've seen some discussion carpal pad injury's here, here and here. I wanted to ask if anyone has any advice on carpal pad toughening mixes (like Musher's Secret or Tuf-foot) or carpal pad wraps (Leather Stopper Wrap or Neoprene Stopper Protector? Diesel had a sheltered life for 11 months and then has been with me for 4 months. He tore his carpal pads on frozen ground and it healed up. But he's torn them again and they keep almost healing fully, to get torn again. I'm thinking of getting wraps to make sure they fully heal, then try and work on toughening them. Anyone else had something like this?
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