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  1. We have a 7 month old, we think could be into adolescence (probably), though in general its been easy stuff so far, more watching the wheels turn in her head whether she has to obey a command etc. Some testing of boundaries, but honestly not much different from puppyhood, we never had any 'honeymoon phase' where she listened to everything and worshiped the ground we walk on like I have read about it. Overall she's much better now than she was at 4 months, and she's crazy and fun, so I'll take the win. One odd thing has been in the last few weeks, when my partner takes her out for a break
  2. This! This has worked splendidly for us, for me, it really helps me A) enjoy our time out even more, I'm much more motivated to get where we are going and B. I dont fall trap to going for 'just one more' or 'just a little closer'. Just call it on a success, and go home, times up. Thanks for the great advice! I've been walking her everyday to the park and back, super short. In all her time training, the stop when theres tension thing has kinda not really registered with Indie. The other day, she burst like she usually does to cross the crosswalk, and finally, she registered the tension, lite
  3. Fun little 7 month update, with some more questions. I think from what we can tell, Indie has wound up being a little lower energy than we have been expecting at this age. Extremely driven compared to the average dog, but next to some aussie/ bc pups her age, shes not as driven or high energy as them. Healthy/ vet check when her off switch seemed to come on a few months back. That has led to us sort of realizing, she's quite susceptible to overstimulation/ threshold in the afternoon, when she's tired, if my partner and I are walking her together, or if its been too long without a good
  4. Just a brief update, some successes and some failures at 7 months. From the beginning we believed Indie bonded to me a bit more than my partner, I took on the training a little more, and am a bit firmer and consistent with her. However, I work from home, but upstairs where she largely isn't allowed so she's become accustomed to me leaving for several hours at a time, then resurfacing. My partner works downstairs in sight at all times. So even if she's crated or penned, she can see my partner. She is far more distressed at my partner leaving, than me, even when she's not alone. My partner
  5. If she's light enough to carry, I would carry for as long as possible. I don't know the joint stress, but why risk it, and if she's going at any moderate pace without jumping now, I wouldn't expect that to continue. As for being carried, do keep desensitizing her to that as she'll need to be handled throughout her life. Be slow and gentle and use good treats. Ours never settled once on her own, would go until exhaustion took her if we didn't enforce a nap. At 4.5 months her off switch completely snapped on and has stuck. Every dog is different, but if yours is getting overtired, its ti
  6. What are others doing to prepare for any possible re-opening in the next few months? We make a point to leave our 6 month pup alone in the crate once a day, usually at night when she's having her dinner kong to ensure its not a negative. Where I live we won't have large re-openings for the next 4-6 months and I have a permanent WFH situation for some days a week when that happens (plus a dog friendly office). My partner as well worked from home full time before covid and will continue. That being said it is crazy how much time our pup spends with us, and would love to get some tips on doing so
  7. Yes, by a sheer factor of how often you need to go out, I would think at that age you gotta do what you gotta do I don't think it's a BC thing, it's a puppy thing, she doesn't know how/ or want to be calm or alone. Just be consistent and with time it will get easier for everyone. Pre pandemic, people got puppies, took a little time off work, changed their schedule up for a few months. You're seeing each and every development and yawn and bark which makes it all seem like so much work. Great thing is you get to build a great bond, but what I needed was a reminder to not set your dog
  8. They need a lot of sleep, and if she can't turn off, then she'll be on her feet too long, climbing/ getting into stuff and you've got to keep her safe. My partners much more relaxed than I am, and our middle ground that seemed to work was to give her a chance during cooldown times to relax on her own, but if shes not settling then its crate time. In reality they may not always be sleeping in their crate, but they are resting which is important. As her 'chances' got longer and longer, she kinda figured out, 'well I would rather relax in my sun spot and keep an eye on my people vs hanging out in
  9. Her name is Indiana! Ah yea, all of our outings involve seeing several dogs, her working range to them continues to improve, but she can become overloaded if her state of minds not really taken into account. This morning I was heading out for her walk, and our courtyard was alive with abnormal action, a work truck backing up the ramp, people everywhere. She was 100% fine, just something in my head told me to hold off, we did a tad of training just to get her eating some snacks and having a good time and we went home. As soon as we were back she got into her blanket and zoomed , so was clearly
  10. Very true, and a factor of the learning curve. I upped the treat values, and clicking + treating for every checkin since then, so a tad excessive, but want to try a few weeks of rebuilding that checkin/ focus out and about. Ending any walk where it seems she's getting over threshold and can't calm. Today we made it 15+ minutes and all the way almost to the door of the dog park without a pull (she got excited as it was empty which means she gets to run laps ). I'm leaning that way too atm, and our rule is more than 3 dogs in there, and we pass by. She's too young to be processing
  11. How long? Keeping it 5 min or less is recommended, I've found with our 5-6 m/o, 3 minutes is even better, just more frequently. When mines tail is wagging and she's following me around, I stop. Long sessions can cause frustration and rile them up more, could possibly make her not enjoy training either. I used to do a sniff to find game with mine, and tbh it kinda just frustrated her and wasn't a relaxing activity, esp close to mealtime, so we stopped that. Also, would resist the urge to 'keep her occupied'. It's easier to accept that if you cant provide attention right now, she can chill and
  12. @GentleLakeYes, we have one on order, exactly for these cases, luckily they are infrequent, but this one was extreme and warranted concern both to post and ask, and to switch her to a harness for a bit. On her puppy harness we were still able to train loose leash fairly well without the same feedback, I'm comfortable going back to that for the time being to protect her! @Flora & MollyOk, thanks, and that's been my gut feeling too, she wasn't in the mood for a walk and we took her into the deep end instantly. Lesson learned. Again, thanks for the reassurance. I have to r
  13. Our 5.5 month old gets 3 outings a day (this is sustainable beyond current quarantine), we're in an urban area, and we observe a load of caution on her joints/ body in terms of time spent 'walking'. She's a lovely settled pup indoors so far, so not looking to exercise as any way to get her to calm down or anything. Obviously for her and our health, getting out and about is great! Since we are in an urban area, socialization happens a bit more organically, strangers/ bikes/ dogs/ construction etc. The walks are also a great tool for that (so we think). On walks, she pulls normally all t
  14. Just coming back to this, as resolution. Like all above said, we just sort of waited her out, and on her 5 month bday..... calming in the house just completely clicked. Actually so much so that I called our vet and she took a look when we went in for a checkup, as I would have classified it as a 'sudden change in personality'.. All clear. Thought about contacting the breeder to inquire if she possibly gave us a cat. Out and about she's anywhere from joyous puppy to overstimulated maniac (working on that), we get home, she plops down in any of her 30 'spots' and either sleeps or sort of zen
  15. I shouted across the street at a woman who'd already dropped her dogs leash and was heading over that my dog had an infection... it worked but I should probably steal this one for the future Great advice thanks! We've added a little post walk ritual where we stand in high traffic areas like our buildings garage entry, our courtyard entrance where people/ bikes/ dogs just 'appear', and she gets a treat for everything she sees sitting at my side. No idea if it's working, she sits calmly and is curious and gets candy, so I guess a positive. Out and about theres just unavoidable
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