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  1. My 18 month old male border collie Javier shows aggression toward myself and my husband. He sill be sitting on the sofa with us on our lap just chilling and then out of nowhere he growls and lunges toward whomever he is sitting with. He has major food guarding aggression and we leave him alone when he eats, our female border collie Lucy knows to stay by her bowl and does not approach him if there is food or bones around. I find that easy to deal with even though I hate it but him being aggressive toward us is something else. It just comes out of nowhere and scares the heck out of me. I never know if I should let him up to sit with me because he is so lovable and sweet util the Cujo comes out. I am the dominant one so I can see him trying to push me but now he is doing it to my husband and its just scary. I don't want to get rid of him because I fear what other people would do to him abuse or put him down. I don't want that and feel he is still young enough to turn around. Any ideas or thoughts?????
  2. My male Javieris 1 1/2 and started growling at me, I am the enforcer and my boyfriend is the softy. It comes out of nowhere. You see his eyes dilate and he growls and lunges towards me like he is protecting him. I spend more time with him and it’s frustrating and breaks my heart, aside from being scary. Afraid to have people over. Please Help
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