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  1. I have a male BC that is around 6-8 months I guess by now. I am guessing he is 3/4 grown. We have had our issues but for the most part things are OK. The biggest problem we have right now is that he has started digging out. I have a half acre fenced in 4' high with a one foot apron. This is the only dog I have ever seen that will dig under the apron, pushing it up to make a hole to get through. I have patched this fence 6 times now. Somehow, I need to stop this behavior before it becomes n ingrained habit! Can you help me? I'm going to patch fence one more time! Thanks, Wade
  2. Hey Y'all! I just wanted to touch base with Y'all on the progress with Gabe. He is coming around finally. Still have plenty of work to do but much improver. He seems to have reached a plato where things are starting to click. It seem that all the training if you will has done good. He has learned what is exceptable and just how roough he allowed to be with me. I certainly hope that transferes to the grandchildren also. He just loves the kids. So all in all, I am quite pleased at the progress I'm seeing and your advise played a major roll in getting to this point! Once again, thank yo
  3. Thanks again for your input y'all. It's time for me to get your advise into action! Wade
  4. I have been focusing on Gabes Nipping and such that today I just noticed that he is waging his tail while doing it. He has also been nipping me since I have been gone a couple days. Could I have misjudged the situation and this is more playful than I thought. I'm kind of confussed by the signals I'm picking up on. Other than when they are with me, both dogs seem to get along fine. Thanks,Wade
  5. Thanks J! I guess the proper discription would be that I use my hand in a slaping motion to move his eyes from dotty to me. My common comment is " NO! dotty is a good girl. You be nice.(Sorry for the confussion. My computer hasn't learned how to phrase things yet, and it doesn't spell any better than I do!) LOL! Nothing is concrete with this. I will be intagrating alternate methods and do appreciate All of you folks input. Thanks again, Wade
  6. Thanks D! I use verbals at the same time as the gentle slap. It's more like "I need your attention now." kind of thing. I don't know if I mentioned earlier but I have grandkids so I do a lot of playing with Gabe as in tug of war, and wrestling in general. This way I am able to get in all those things that a child is going to do to a pet when they don't know better etc. I use this as a tool to teach Gabe what is allowable and what is out of bounds. When he scratchs me I'll say"Ouch! That hurt! Be easy!" Or the little nipping as play fighting. The same thing. Yes I have a few holes in my hands b
  7. Thanks Y'all! Yoou have convinced me. The cage it willl be! The last couple days when he has been up and perks up when Dotty moves, I've been giving him a very genyle slap to the side of his head. You couldn't really cll it a slap but I don't know how else to phrase it. BC amaze me! I've had some smart dogs and great companions but BCs are of another class. So much so they should have a different name than a dog!LOL! A few minutes Gabe jumped up on my lap without being invited. I grabbed him firmly with both hands so he had to look at me and said " You're not going to do that! You're sup
  8. Wow! Y'all have a lot of good advice! I do have a small problem with caging him. In the first 2 day (at 8 weeks) he learned to(load up) and he has been free to come and go from his cage at will after the first week. I don't want him to associate the cage with being in trouble. Tell me if you think this would work. The setup is in a partially finished basement that has sliding glass doors. Would it work equally well if I put him out for a while? He loves the outdoors so I don't want to reward him for bad conduct. Wade
  9. Morning Y'all! I just found the site and got squared away to participate. I am a 70 year old white male with a 15 month old male BC and I have a problem I don't kknow how to handle. I'll spell it out below. I have an old female Lleyellen that shares space with my new BC Gabe. He is very jealous of Dotty! Gabe is a lap dog and if he is up on my lap, and I mention Dotty, hr perks up right now and looks for her. He looks at you like " why are you talking about that old stray,? Don't even think she is coming up here. I'm the only one that gets to be here! If she even walks by my chair
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