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  1. I have an 8 month old Border Collie. She is from working stock. She is sweet natured and not destructive or wild. When i let her off the lead she always looks back at me within the first 10 metres. She knows her recall but is not great at it yet. We live in an urban environment but with lots of green space available, a fairly large wood is on are doorstep. So she gets more than enough exercise. There are a couple of issues i need help with. 1) She cannot resist the temptation to chase a football. Nothing i do yet can tempt her away. Food or toys are not sufficiently exciting to distract her. 2) In a similar category to the above, she desperately wants to chase motor scooters and motorbikes. Of course she is on a lead so can't get at them. Nonetheless i want to stop her from doing this. Very occasionally she might chase a jogger or bicycle, but her heart isn't particularly in it, and she easily comes away from either. All help will be gratefully received. Ed Mottershaw
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