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  1. Thank you! I have been reading your posts here for a while now. Flattered that you fancy our Kluane. She's fun to be around and has a very good temperament. A "people's dog"!
  2. Thank you! I hope I will be able to provide some help to other folks new to BCs, and learn from everyone here.
  3. Thanks! Kluane looks good on snow!
  4. Hi Meghan! "I'm new here too!". Very early on, we got the same advice as albuquerquedan's above. Currently, at 14 months, I can have Kluane (on leash...) sit calmly by my side on a busy intersection with trucks and buses roaring by... takes a bit of patience to desensitize them. But it is still a work in progress as there are certain engine sounds (mostly anything equivalent to a toned down no-muffler sound) and some sights (bright colored jackets on bikes or motorbikes) that makes her lock her gaze.
  5. Hello all. I am new to the forum but the forum is not new to me, as I found plenty of sage advice and interesting tips as a "lurker" this past year. I'm introducing Kluane, a 14 months old Border Collie / Hangin Tree Cowdog cross. Since people often find her name to be unusual, here it goes: she's name after Kluane National Park, located in the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory, home of Mt. Logan, the tallest peak in Canada, and of absolutely-smack-in-the-middle-of-wilderness hiking trails. She's been with our family for a year now, and is our companion on our daily morning walks, mid-day daily strolls and evening treks (LOL!!!).
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