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  1. Thank you for the advice! So, there was a stack of books there that he peed on, and I moved those. Then he just peed straight onto the carpet in a similar location. I’ve cleaned everything-but I’m wondering, if I just put furniture there, wouldn’t be just pee on the new vertical object in the same place? Lol Your dogs avoided the area after you rearranged? My partner and I have come up with a strategy and schedule for his bathroom breaks now so hopefully that should help-but he is very very sneaky so I’m sure we will miss some learning opportunities.
  2. Good point! It was, the previous owners had a shepherd, and we cleaned the carpets very well but I'm sure there's plenty of things lingering. Do I want to even KNOW what a blacklight would reveal in an older house I just purchased?! Maybe not...lol
  3. It's possible he's marked down there every once in a while this whole time, but I didn't notice (as bad as that is to say :/). But I will get him checked for a UTI. Based on his past, it seems more likely that he hasn't connected the dots about my expectations, which is my fault. The tethering seems like a good idea. He is SO stealthy! He's also just somewhat of a weirdo in our house still, its only been three months, lol. I like the idea of figuring out his patterns for bathroom time though. With some things, it's so plainly obvious to me what he wants/ doesn't want. But now that I'm th
  4. Hello everyone, for those of you who have helped me before- thank you & I'm back again for more advice! To bring my story up to speed, I adopted a ~6yo male BC named Rooster a little over 3 months ago. My husband and I found him alone out in the desert, and we learned he used to be a stock dog and has had several owners (a bit of a story there). It's been a heck of a 3 months, but we've made such amazing progress that I can't complain. When we first brought him home, he had several accidents in our basement. This wasn't surprising, as I'm pretty sure he had not lived in a house
  5. Thanks for the inspiration D'Elle! The progress we've made in three months blows me away, so even looking a year out shows me that there are endless possibilities. Every dog is so different, and rescues are in a category of their own. Rooster has completely stolen my heart, Ive never had this sort of connection with another dog before, though my lab came close. It's amazing to me that your dogs lived to be 16 and 17, that's quite a feat. It sounds like you gave them a great life, backcountry travel with dogs is so special.
  6. Hi Journey, We rarely, if ever, go to the dog park. My Shepherd could care less to be there and Ive quickly found that my BC is in the same boat. By park, I mean an empty field by our house. We generally take our dogs into the backcountry-hiking, skiing, canyoneering etc. Otherwise when we have less time we do walks through local natural areas and in our neighborhood and play fetch in open fields.
  7. It could have been, but it's hard to say. We found him abandoned in our campsite on the side of a canyon in southern Utah. He had a collar so we spoke with the rancher who happened to be the previous owner and he very briefly filled us in.(someone else had him for the last year, but failed to tell him that he lost his dog) "Uninterested" was the word he used for Rooster, and told us we should keep him. He was pretty skittish when we got him and he absolutely loves my husband and I, but sometimes he will voluntarily approach us and almost close his eyes and wince, like he's afraid he's go
  8. Thank you! I'll look into the fetching for sticks. I'm hoping to get to the place you are with your dogs. It would be nice to have them both at the park enjoying themselves, and maybe over time as Rooster starts to enjoy toys more this will be a possibility!
  9. Thank you this is what I was worried about. We’ve done this maybe 5 times, so it is not part of our routine. We noticed the chasing and tried to create more structure around it Thats why I was so excited when he finally ran after a stick and a ball! He’s come such a long way in three months so we’ll just keep encouraging his new interest in toys, and keep our shepherd’s frisbee time to himself.
  10. Hello everyone, I’ve had my rescue BC, Rooster, for just over three months. We’re guessing he’s about 6yo. He was previously a stock dog who became uninterested in both cattle and sheep. He’s been to several obedience classes and we are now taking a short break to reinforce what we’ve learned. We are always looking for fun and engaging outlets for him during the week and yesterday was his first day playing with a ball AND fetch with a stick (I assumed he never played ball in his past life). I was STOKED and I’m hoping to continue this so we can use it as a reward and exercise whenever he’
  11. Thanks Diane! He LIVES for food so I always have treats on hand. I have a shepherd who already stays very close and as soon as he seems me whip the bag out he’s giving me the stare for his reward. So needless to say, I go through a lot of treats, lol.
  12. Im so sorry to hear that you lost your dog. Thank you for your words. He really is a gem. I’ve completely fallen for him. I realize I’m asking a lot of him, but we are building slowly. I know that patience is key. In addition to the “games” I’ve been playing while on trail, I’m seeking other opportunities to engage him to be mindful of me while we’re out. I want to have these in my tool box for now and in the future, and I love to hear other people’s stories and ways in which they train.
  13. To be honest, I get tired of calling him back so frequently. And of course I’m doing this. I’m hoping to gain insight to other tactics people have used that have taught their dogs to stay close.
  14. Hello! I’m new to border collies and rescues and I’ve been following these discussions for the last few months. About two and a half months ago, we adopted a ~6 yo male BC, named Rooster. We found him abandoned in the desert at our campsite, and luckily he had a collar. It’s quite the backstory, but we discovered: -he’s had at least 3 owners prior to us, all of them ranchers -He became uninterested in cattle and sheep -Was kenneled for longer periods of time later in life (we had to pull five teeth) He’s such a sweet dog but generally only allows me and my
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