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  1. Hi! I recently rescued a ~4 month old puppy who has a head tilt and impaired vision. I have two questions that I would really appreciate some help on! 1. She is doing something I've never seen a puppy do before while on walks: circling me tightly as I walk, stepping directly over my feet to the left and then circling back behind my legs and back around on my right. It's really hard not to trip over her, and it's not fun. I would also say she does seem to want to stop the walk pretty quickly (like about 1/4 of the way around a suburban block) and seems tired. Do you have any ideas on what to do to train her to walk normally? I did notice that she did less of it when we went a walk earlier in the day (I had previously been taking her out in the evening or at night) so I wondered if maybe it's partly because her vision was more impaired at night? Or maybe an anxiety thing? 2. How much time does or did your puppy spend in the crate per day...? Thanks!
  2. Hi D'Elle, Would you mind elaborating on what canned food you use and what home cooked food you integrate with it? I have a new BC arriving next week and am researching diet options. :) Also (if you're comfortable saying-- no worries if not) how much do you spend per month on the raw food? I've been looking into it but think it is unfortunately out of my price range for now.
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