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  1. Thanks folks, appreciate the feedback. Strax is trained not to bark.
  2. Strax our border collie (8 months) is taken to bicycle free off leashes a couple of times a day, the third time we walk him leashed in a off leash unfenced park to help him to be less reactive to bicycles, he is fine when they are close, but his collie eye catches anything over 30 meters away & takes chase, thankfully I have a loud voice & yell asking the biker to slow or stop. Strax's recall is perfect & will drop/stop even in chase, We noticed the take chase mode a couple of weeks ago & have leashed him in this park since & he is understands the leave it command anytime excepts he sees bikes at a distance. Is there anything I'm missing doing in this situation? To be clear he has shown no interest in scooters, skateboarders, runners only Bikes.
  3. We got a inexpensive baby monitor as the home office space is on the top floor & the crate is on the lower level rec room (3 levels), it's been a godsend. Pizzles & bully sticks work great for those longer important meetings where puppy whines aren't welcome, I am not a fan of the smell of the sticks but they came recommended by our vet as a option for the occasional times we need him to be quieter for longer. We were advised by our gentleman farmer breeder that the dog will run as long as the day, you have to engage his mind ie training as much as you walk/run him, mental stimulation & keeps our 5 month old happy, thankfully he is toy driven & not food driven.
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