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  1. I believe she a staffordshire bull terrier but she short and has a small head and sometimes when I look she look like a pit bull but she so short that I say nah she might be mix with something else but then she big for her height
  2. I said she was pit and lab mix because she is Aggressive Toward people when they walk in my house I got her when she was one and she was very very Skinny and all I did was Feed her dog food and she got that size Lol but she Strong for her size her but if you walk in my house she start to bark and maybe smell you people say when I let her out she would Snap at them from behind there let or just Nip at you but for some people she might like them so I really don’t know about her behavior
  3. I really don’t know nothing about border collie some guy told me she could be mix with it then we went to the vet they said she was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix I could see that a little because of her body shape and how she act I got her from West Virginia were I use to help other animals over there I was a trainer but I never trained border collie so I just wanted to ask and see if other people could see border collie in her what dog breed do you see in her if she not border collie to you
  4. Hey I really wanted to know if my dog was mix with border collie this my first time on this forms any answer on what do y’all think she mix with I believe she mix with some border collie
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