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  1. I appreciate all your answers! I honestly didn't even realize it was a thing I had to pay for, we took my boy in to an obedience trainer (positive reinforcement) and he did so well they told us that if we wanted to, we could try to take the CGC test with them at our next session. I'll have to look more into it. From what it seems like, since he's already ABCA registered they wouldn't take it away unless he was titled conformation champion... I think the only reason I'm debating it at all now is because our trainer was so nice and excited for us to try to test for it so I feel bad telling her n
  2. Hello, I have a ABCA registered pup (a little over 2 years old now) and was curious, if we got him CGC (canine good citizen) tested/awarded, does that interfere with his ABCA registration? I know AKC and ABCA are big no nos together, and as much as I don't want to support AKC, I think there is some merit in having a program for good dogs and for owners with dogs to strive toward a good dog (I know too many "bad" owners and I honestly think having this sort of goal is a good starting point for getting the nation's pet surrenders down and adoptions up) its also nice to be able to show off "h
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