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  1. Hi Everyone, New member just signed up. Hoping you can all help. My 18 month BC Panda keeps tearing up our carpet in the hallway while we're out at work. The odd thing is he doesn't do it everyday. He will sometimes go for most of a week without touching anything. then other days he'll just pull the carpet up tear the underlay apart. We've tried several different things. I've got kongs for him. Changing his toys out daily. He has his breakfast out with him for when we get ready to leave. I even made him a treat box by filling an ice cream top with water and his toy and freezing it. He had eaten half the box by the end of the day haha. I've watched him on camera and it doesn't seem to be SA. I think it might be boredom. He has a good hour long walk before work every morning. I sometimes take his ball with him but not always. He has a second walk every evening after work as well. Wondering if any of you have any ideas on how to stop this happening. Thanks in advance. :)
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