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  1. Well, my girl attacks trees and strips the bark off. Gotten me into trouble with a coupla people.
  2. So what's a good way to bring a dog along on a ATV? My girl is 2 years old and is 40 pounds. I'm thinking of getting an ATV ( not a side by side ) mainly for hunting.
  3. Wow Molly looks alot like my BC. Very nice photo. And very good advice. I'll do the same, start at one second and work up from there. What do you put on the toothbrush? What about the inside of the teeth? Is that more difficult to do?
  4. That's very good info. Thanks, I'll look into it.
  5. How do I get my BC to let me brush her teeth?
  6. Sounds like Ceasar 911. He would say exercise, discipline, affection - in that order. Two hours a day of walking is nothing for a BC. She needs a job to do.
  7. Sounds like he knows who the pack leader is. The one with the leash in her hand! lol
  8. Yes my 6 weeks of pretraining involves establishing a solid recall. She is 2 years old by the way. More of a bush collie then a border collie. She's purebred from working mostly cattle dog lines. She has a greatgrandfather in the National Cattledog Association Hall of Fame (2018) , JR Red. But you would think she was bred to hunt.
  9. Nice to get a reasonable reply to this. My girl hunts with me and there's bears, wolves, moose, wolverines, porcupines, lynx, and skunks around here as well as thin ice on lakes. Recall NEEDS to work. From a distance. I purchased a Sportdog brand collar ($ 250 ) plus 2 books ( by Larry Krohn, and The Monks of New Skete in collaboration with Marc Goldberg ). E collars don't train dogs, people do. The E collar should be used as a very long leash. Too many idiots purchase an E collar, slap it on the dog, and hammer on the buttons. I will train myself as well as train my dog for about 6 weeks before I use the E collar. On the lowest setting possible. Barely percepticle by the dog. That's all that's needed. Testing it on myself first. My whole training program might take me 4 months to complete, step by step.
  10. How do border collies respond to gentle and reasonable e collar training? Some e collars have tone and vibration options as well as very low level static. I'm thinking that since they are a sensitive breed tone or vibration might be all that would be needed.
  11. That's ok 'cause I also have issues with my girl and squirrels. She sometimes gets offtrack when we hunt if she finds a squirrel. But she's getting better. Most of the time if I give the command " Never mind " then " Lets go " she forgets about the squirrel. I think she might consider grouse to be more interesting because I shoot them and then they fall out of the tree. That's redirecting an undesirable behavior I guess. Squirrels have a way of driving dogs nuts.
  12. My girl is nuts about squirrels, also chases rabbits, follows moose tracks or basically any tracks. You would think she was bred to hunt but her pedigree chart shows nothing but working stock dogs. Although the breeder I got her from says her border collies often try to hunt beavers and catch muskrats and eat them.
  13. She does all three. Generally she looks for and finds fresh grouse tracks, follows them, flushes the grouse, the grouse flies up and lands in a tree ( in the presence of a dog grouse tend to do that as opposed to flying far away in the presence of a human), she follows the grouse to the tree and waits for me at the tree while giving " the eye" to the grouse. One time a wounded grouse ended up in a lake. I told her to "get it " then to "bring it". She did.
  14. Put a treat inside a plastic bottle and see if he can get it out. Kick around a cardboard box and get him to attack/ herd it. Get one of those giant tennis balls from Amazon. Put a string onto a stuffed toy, toss it about 10 feet away and pull it back slowly and let him stalk it. All fun for both of you.
  15. Anybody use Border Collies as hunting dogs? Mine is very good at it. Helps me to get ruffed grouse.
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