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  1. Hi all, I've a 15 month old pup. Female and de-sexed. Very good nature and pretty laid back. However I've noticed some unwanted behaviour at the dog park, beach etc.. Generally when a dog comes up to her off leash, (ie a dog park), she gets a little nervous. When a friendly dog ends up getting too close or in her face, no matter how friendly or relaxed the other dog is, she'll start air snapping and growling. I don't think it's aggression in the sense that it seems to be more nervousness, or fear and she resorts to this mode of "defending" herself against friendly dogs. It doesn't happen 100% of the time and we've been down to the dog park before where she plays with other dogs. She could probably be more socialised which I'm trying to do. Does anyone have any advice on how to reinforce other dogs are friendly and want to play in public places such as beaches, dog parks etc...? Want to get onto this before an established behaviour occurs. Thanks,
  2. How the heck does everyone actively stop a border collie pup from running? If one has an open backyard and lets them loose during morning and evening play, she tears circles around with a rope in her mouth. Never forced and at her own pace. There's no way I could stop her from running around unless she was permanently on a leash for 14 months of her life which doesn't sound fair. Sorry to hijack - It's quite confusing - but is free running acceptable - she only lasts a few minutes before she's out and has a rest.
  3. Oh, I mean they're up for rough play 24hrs. They aren't together 24hrs and not much during the day. They also sleep in different parts of the house and still don't have free reign access to the house as they cannot be trusted yet. Thanks @beachdogz, that post really helps
  4. Male and Female Thanks and will give this a go. Thanks D'Elle as always Yes, but two seperate owners - we were aware of the issues that siblings can cause but they do everything separately (besides rough) play.
  5. Hey there, With siblings (two different owners), is rough play normal at 6+ months old? As soon as we let them off the leash in the backyard - they charge at each other, clash bodies/heads and basically non stop play fight, chase and tackles. I read this is normal in pups but supposed to wear off around 5months, problem is it is just so full on. There's bound to be an injury because they're young dogs but go 100%. Are there any methods to teach them that it's too rough or when to stop play? They both go to doggy school but it's just with each other this rough play is constant. Inside, outside, night, day, dawn etc..
  6. Thanks will consider it. @D'Elle , my pups the same with that. Thought I may have been overfeeding her but good to know. Thanks @aschlemm
  7. Thanks, turned out it was fine. It's summer here so guess was drinking heaps of water. It's crazy though. Puppy's are so different to dogs haha
  8. My pup is only 4 months old, so accidents are expected I guess. However she is having accidents up to 4 times in 30 minutes in her playpen. It's infeasible to be taking a dog out every 15 minutes for the entire day. Life gets in the way of being able to cater for that. Are there any tips I should be doing to help improve this training? Is it expected that there are many accidents up until they are 1 year old? I do crate training and she doesn't do it in her crate overnight or when she is in there, just the playpn
  9. Thanks for the advice. That was helpful as is your thread. Ah yes, the 3x30 minutes is purely long leash bound running around/exercise/involved play. It's a lot like your own schedule where there is downtime in the playpen/house lead, training, backyard time sniffing around etc...on top of that play. It's just they obviously they're built like athletes, these dogs seem they could do far more than that - and she seems to want to if there is no intervention in winding down without her protesting! I guess very much like a toddler not wanting to stop play though. It's just reassuring to know others have the same sort of routine and the importance not to create needy dogs ,or dogs that require hours of entertainment and exercise, but on the other hand also providing that level of exercise and stimulation! It's a balancing act that is hard to gauge! We've tried the mat/relaxation technique after 7pm and it's working well I must say. But they have such little attention span, I'm not expecting dog like behaviours yet! I guess I'll stick with the routine and see if the behaviour like wanting to get out of the playpen/crate, protests etc ceases.
  10. Thanks for sharing @erikor. I've a very similar schedule (although she gets up at 6:30am no matter what lol). I usually do the crate around ~8pm. My question, rather than starting a new thread. When a pup gets hyped up, wants to keep playing in the xpen or crate (she is digging or barking or licking the locks to get out) - is it best to ignore this behaviour, let her settle down naturally and stick to the routine when she is expected to sleep? Or would it mean I'm not giving enough attention/exercise? She's 3 months old, so as far as exercise goes, she gets 30 minutes of "free play" exercise in the morning, lunch and evening. However, how does one know if you should be sticking to the schedule no matter what or if the dog needs more?
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