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  1. Back again seeking advice. Mabli’s doing really well with all the tips we’ve been given. Now we’ve sorted one issue, another arises! Of course :) We had two cats already when we got Mabli, two ginger males, Ben and Micky, very cuddly cheeky boys. They’ve generally ignored Mabli and I’ve been doing lots and lots of work to hopefully lessen her interest in them, it was going really well. Was. Mabli clearly has a herding instinct that shows itself when on walks with my parents dog Rosie (6yr old mix of everything) Rosie loves fetch with a tennis ball and when a ball is out it has h
  2. Love hearing about everyone’s leash techniques! I had an experience worth sharing I think, with leash walking. Mabli is 14 weeks and we’ve been working on leash walking in the past week. She’ll normally walk to the end of her leash which is about 4ft and pull a little. I tried a variation of the green light red light game. She starts to pull, I give a cheerful “uh oh!” And turn around to walk 4 steps backwards, pulling her a little if I need to, as she’s usually all kinds of confused to suddenly be going in the opposite direction. I did this for around 25 minutes on a morning walk with he
  3. Thanks again for all your great advice guys! I’ve been going back and forth all week on the training and it’s been stressing me out, which I think Mabli could feel from me too. I felt like I was taking steps backwards when she’d already made such good progress. I’ve decided to stick with what I feel comfortable doing which is positive reinforcement all the way. I feel happier she’s much happier and instantly calmer! We’re doing much better. There’s been no more hiding growling biting situations and she’s getting much clearer messages about human body parts do not go in mouth, no matter ho
  4. Thank you so much to both D’Elle and Erikor! Very helpful replies and highly appreciated! It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and confused with puppy training, this forum helps no end to hear advice from real owners with collies rather than all the generic puppy advice Google can throw up. We have started immediate work on leave it and drop it. In many situations, as I said, she’s totally fine with me opening her mouth and removing an object (usually leaves) even if it’s slipped right to the back of her tongue. I think the difference with the biting incident was the chase and the fact sh
  5. First off, let me say, this forum has saved me from many a panic/complete mental breakdown! All the information and stories are so, so helpful and reassuring! Okay so, we have Mabli, now 13 weeks, tri-coloured adorable collie pup. She’s very sweet, cuddly, friendly, playful and much to our relief generally pretty chilled! She has learnt quickly and in the past two weeks has almost completely stopped with the puppy biting and now has a lot more control over how much pressure she’s allowed to put on human skin. She understands ‘leave it’ and will generally listen and obey unless in an espec
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