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  1. Thank you so much D'Elle OK. I will try doing something else for a while instead of just ignoring her and waiting for her to sit down and wait. Yeah, blockage or chocking was what I was concerned about. That's the thing I was talking about. In german it's Rinderhaut tug is something I never play in this context, neither am I chasing her - if only because I know I won't catch her... with training she is normally ok, and yes, if she gets distracted I simply get her attention back on me. What I meant was purely, when she is lying down or sleeping/dozing. But I take it that'
  2. if anyone is interested in an update:
  3. Hi all! Sadie is 21 weeks old as of tomorrow, she is generally calm, very quiet - which I am loving -, almost no problem with the whole housbreaking issue anymore. I don't know if it's the spot but she still rather not lie in her bed most of the time. Seeing as she goes to her bed when I say and lies down somewhere else, I generally let her. I DO have a few questions though: 1. she is so damn excited by food. Training is quite a challenge, since she is not listening to me but offering behaviours she has been rewarded to do in the past, hoping one of them will get her a reward. A
  4. I'm a bit late to the party and I live nowhere near as cold as -30 degrees. The coldest this winter was maybe -3 degrees. Anyways, I noticed Sadie (4 months at the time) favouring her hind legs after a maximum of about 10 minutes. Always because of ice crystals. After a few days I sat her down and cut the hair between her toes, not kidding haven't had a single ice crystal since - that is not to say I let her run around indefinately! Just that it helped with the crystals. But for next winter, when she is more or less fully grown, I want to buy her som shoes. How do I go about it? Anythi
  5. @ urger to herd OH I have more! so many more pictures! @puppytoes, @gentlelake: she only pees in the crate when the door is open! as soon as the door is closed there is no problem at all. There wasn't a single accident when it was closed, not even at night. But if the door is open, she lies/sleeps in it, plays and then pees in it or just goes in, pees and leaves. Same with her 'bed'. She sleeps on it, plays on it and eventually pees on it. Oh and I always put her in the crate after she peed, but like I said, there is no problem at all when the door is closed. I do wash the surfaces d
  6. Hi guys! As some of you know, I got a puppy. I have her for two weeks now and tomorrow she will be 11 weeks old. She is ADORABLE! She is cuddly, very friendly and we are working on getting her more accutsomed to the city and noises and....everything. She is doing reeeeeally well! We are still figuring each other out and she is very sensitive - which I have to remind myself time and time again. I do have 2 questions though: 1. She is doing really well with potty training. We do have a few accidents here and there, nothing major - but she consistently pees in her create and her
  7. @flora & molly thank you, I appreciate it! @D'Elle Oh no! That's not what I meant at all, that came out wrong! I just wanted to see, wether my thought process was correct, and wether I collectied the right sort of information. You are absoluely correct, of course. I'll just wait and see, and - if at all - I'll steer her in he "right" direction
  8. OH! I almost forgot: when/ how do BC develope something like OCD? my understanding was, if they are under stimulated (not enough exercise, more importantly mental stimulation) they find different was to let off steam. Is that correct?
  9. @Lawgirl @urgetoherd @flora & Molly @puppytoes thank you so much! I have another question, I didn't really find an answer to: can/ should I start training her the "minute" I get her or give her a day or two to acclimate? I don't mean potty training, I mean more actively training like sit, down, wait? And once I'm down with those, what else is really important? like drop it, leave it, ... What should be my priorities? Besides the off-switch, obviously! Another thing: As I said, I don't live smack down in the middle of vienna, I live a further out - still in the city though. When c
  10. haha I'll keep it in mind! again, thank you so much!
  11. thank you for the quick reply! You have no idea of how much help you just were to me. this actually sooths my bigges worry. I feel confident to satiate a BCs need for exercise and mental stimulation. But living in a city, trying to keep such a sensitive dog, without some more information bothered me. That's actually the reason I finally registered to the forum and asked this question. A family friend has a purebred BC, as does a neighbour. You can probably guess what happened next - spoiler: there's puppys involved. I already visited him and the pups, took a look and actually fell in l
  12. Hello! I've been reading a lot in the forum, trying to find out if a BC is a good choice for me. I've always wanted a dog and now I am finally in a position to fulfill my dream. I live in a city (Vienna actually-if anyone knows someone), not quite the suburbs yet, but very green. It's not far to the woods or open spaces. I know about their intelligence - one of the reasons I love the breed - and their need for activity. I also know, to teach them to relax early on and challenge them, but find a good balance and don't even try to tire them out physically - at least not on a regular basis. My
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