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  1. @Rosalee You should see her with a pine cone! It is hilarious! She loves playing eith them. I just realised, I forgot the turn around and go into another direction method. How long did it take her to catch on? @Lawgirl Do you fill the kong all the way? or just stick the kibble and yoghurt on the sides? I haven't tried the antlers yet, she got a chwe root when she was a puppy (bit on the softer side to not damage puppy teeth), but she hardly uses it anymore. And I just realized a bully stick is an Ochsenziemer, we hardly ever have the braded version. Normally it is just dried. When it is agility for a job, is it enough if it is only once or twice a week? I guess the question is, does the job have to be a daily thing? And how do I 'tell' her, this is your job? Or does she either accept it as such or not? Oh. I never thought about it that way. Oh she definately is in her teenage phase! Gladly, she is actually a veeery good girl! Yeah, I heard the rubbing advice as well...I mean she let's me but that's about it, doesn't really do much. @D'Elle I was told by a trainer to click and reward her for not pulling, and 'reset' her after pulling by starting again with her by my side. (She is not actually my trainer. I meet her on a walk and she just gave me a tip) I would start with Sadie by my side and start walking, if she doesn't pull, click and reward, a few steps later click and reward for not pulling, and so on and so forth. Once she has that down, I was to draw the times between clicks out more and more. This kind of worked but I just realized, I didn't specify that I mean the pulling when she doesn't have to heel. She is allowed to sniff and do her stuff, but not to drag me around doing it. The main problem with this method was, as soon as she saw or sniffed something interesting, she ignored the clicker and the reward (when she didn't pull) and eventually started pulling and it only works with rewards. I guess the reward is not high/good enough? The trainer told me to try it a month. The stop method I also tried for a month. I guess I assumed she would catch on quickly since she normally catches on quite quickly. What would you recommend? Do you have any pointers on camling Sadie down outside? I looked on the forum, but only found calming in generell or for reactive dogs. Or even a link or book.
  2. Hi Guys! Long time no read! Sadie and I are doing good. We had a health scare recently (acute diarrhea, but she is fine!) I need your help again. 1. Sadie has an immensely hard time to calm down outside. Not necessarily on a walk, but once I played with her or she plays with another dog, she won't calm down. Even after 20 minutes of just sitting, no dog running, no playing she is still panting a tornado. Now, this is all still outside! At home, she sometimes needs a little time, but has actually gotten quite good at setteling on her own. Sometimes she still needs help (house leash or crating), but that's ok. I am almost confident to rule out, that she is hot because at home she calms down much faster, and she has trouble settling outside no matter the weather. It cannot be thirst, for there is always water supplied when we have a play date, or if I play with her. So how do I help/teach her to settle outside? I am not joking when I say I am afraid she will die of a heartattack if she keeps this up 2. What are 'jobs' you give your BCs? I read somewhere, they need a job, and if they don't herd sheep, you need to give them one. I have no clue, what job I can give Sadie? 3. What do you give your dogs to occupy/engage them for a while? Everything beyond ... I don't know the word in englisch. In german it's 'Rinderkopfhaut'. A packaging translated it as 'beef scalp'. I haven't found bully sticks where I live, maybe I just didn't realize they were. Anyway, Sadie will chew a good while on a 30cm stick, whick is fine...but I don't always want to give her these sticks. What do you guys give your dogs to occupy them, any tips or ideas? 4. On a longer leash she is quite good (5m - about 10ft). She hardly pulls and walks nicely. But on the shorter leash she pulls almost constantly. I tried clicker training - didn't really work, I tried just stopping until she relaxes the leash - didn't work, I tried working with the voice command slow and a slight pull (only with the harness!) if she ignored the command - didn't work. Any ideas? Oh! And since a month or so she is a nightmare if we walk with another dog. She was ok before, but now she pulls non stop! 5. Sadie is a cuddle bug, I know that. Whenever friends or family come over she loves to be pet and cuddle on the floor or on the couch. I don't mean hugging! but snuggling. My best friend stayed with me for a week some time ago and they would have cuddle sessions lasting the whole afternoon. But with me she doesn't cuddle/snuggle. Whenever I attempt to, she starts panting shortly after and walk off, lying down somewhere else... And to be honest this hurts a bit. If she just wasn't cuddly then ok, but she cuddles with literally everyone else - except me (now she does come and collect/demand pets every now and again). When she was little - lets be honest, a few monts ago - she would cuddle, going as far as sleeping on me, sprawled out with but a care in the world. Am I doing something wrong? Am I petting her wrong? Help? Also, please let me compensate you spending your prescious time reading and answering my questions in the only real currency there is: Look at Those paws!!!!
  3. Sorry, I forgot to give my two cents to another comment I'd actually not recommend a soccer ball. Since the dog blocks with its body, depending on the dog with snout or head, it is to hard. I would recommend something softer. There are dogs that like to run around, or bring the ball back, something they can take up would be better. May I ask how far out your boy is? Sadie is only about 3 - 5 ft. away and more on the excited side. I noticed her being much calmer farther out, but I don't know how to teach her to stay ou and not come so close
  4. A bit late to the party, but I hope it is still relevant I started teaching Sadie sheepballs at around... 3 1/2 - 4 months? Something like that. She absolutely loves it. I learned from videos and online research, since it is not a commonly known thing where I am at. I still have a kinks to work out. but Sadie loves it and that's all that matters That's actually the point of sheepballs, Sadie only now has started bringing me balls when I throw them. In sheepballs the dog is meant to stop the ball and then quickly switch to another, following your focus (it is a game meant to be played with at least two balls). there is not a ton of stuff out there, but there are some videos, even by Ms. Laurence. I'm to lazy to read that article^^ but from my research into the topic, Ms. Laurence never specifically insisted on a special ball. Finding out which balls she uses/recommends was actually quite hard. Most of the time I only found what to look for in a ball, I actually read somewhere that, while she uses the ikea balls and likes them for the beginning stages, she is not a fan of them in the long run, since they get wet and heavy quite easily outside. Personally I like the JW Hol-ee Roller - they are soft, still sturdy, you can step on them to take the ball out of the game, and Sadie can breath just fine while still holding the ball. One major tipp I can give you though! Do not play sheep balls with every ball you have. Let me repeat that: DO NOT PLAY WITH EVERY BALL YOU HAVE! Stick to a certain few balls and only those! I didn't think much about it and every now and then startet playing sheepballs with Sadie with other balls and eventually she started to expect to play sheep balls. She wouldn't actually want to play anything else - I mean she would chase a ball if thrown and bring it back, but only to lay it down at my feet, staring up at me expectantly. This would go as far as me walking away from the ball and her still focusing on the big nothing at my feet.
  5. Thank you so much D'Elle OK. I will try doing something else for a while instead of just ignoring her and waiting for her to sit down and wait. Yeah, blockage or chocking was what I was concerned about. That's the thing I was talking about. In german it's Rinderhaut tug is something I never play in this context, neither am I chasing her - if only because I know I won't catch her... with training she is normally ok, and yes, if she gets distracted I simply get her attention back on me. What I meant was purely, when she is lying down or sleeping/dozing. But I take it that's ok. How do you recommend I capture calmness with her? If I use the clicker she becomes alert, thinking there is a training session going to happen, if I use my marker word, it's the same as with the clicker...should I use a marker only in the context of her being calm? So she knows there won't be a session starting, but what she is doing is good? and that I mean her lying down not looking up? I don't actually have a yard. this is around the house. And that's the thing: left to her own devices, she never settles. But as soon as I make her (that sounds like I hurt her^^) she is out like a candle in under a minute. But me needing to do it for her actually eases my worries; I thought I wasn't doing it right. How long do you recommend the leash to be? I have no feeling for this sort of thing I have a 10m leash at home (little bit more than 30ft); is that enough or do you recommend more? Also what are your thought on retractable leashes? I hear so many strong opinions in both directions I'm torn. I have tried the recall maybe thrice when there were other dogs around. I try and go get her, but she sees it as a game and runs around. As she is so small and fast I have no way of catching her except out of the blue when she is right beside me. But I will stop setting her loose. ok, again I'm relieved. I know but I'm biased people tell me how handsome she is all the time....but again: biased! haha
  6. if anyone is interested in an update:
  7. Hi all! Sadie is 21 weeks old as of tomorrow, she is generally calm, very quiet - which I am loving -, almost no problem with the whole housbreaking issue anymore. I don't know if it's the spot but she still rather not lie in her bed most of the time. Seeing as she goes to her bed when I say and lies down somewhere else, I generally let her. I DO have a few questions though: 1. she is so damn excited by food. Training is quite a challenge, since she is not listening to me but offering behaviours she has been rewarded to do in the past, hoping one of them will get her a reward. And even if I get her to concentrate on me, every now and again she starts up offering behaviours. Is this an age thing? Am I doing something wrong - like setting up the session? She also gobbles up her food - and treats - without chewing. About two weeks ago I noticed her chewing only so much off of a - ...I don't know how it is called in english, it is dried cow hide twisted until it becomes a hollow stick; hopefully I'll find a picture - chew stick as was necessary before she could swallow it whole (she hasn't had a blockage nor did she barf it up or choke on it - thankfully). Also, getting something - doesn't even have to be edible really - away from her, is quite hard. she either tries swallowing it or twists and turns, in hope of getting to keep it. Does anyone have experience or tipps or ideas? 2. Whenever anyone goes past Sadie she always, and I mean ALWAYS, has to look up and see what's going on. One doesn't even really have to walk next to her; near her or walking in her generall direction works as well. She doesn't necessarilly get up, but is always on alert. Is that something I can work on? Does this mean, she is not really relaxed? Or is this just a BC being a BC? 3. Sadie still has a hard time settling on her own. In the crate, no problem; whenever I have her on the house leash and am sitting/standing on it, sometimes it takes her a few minutes but she always settles and most of the time dozes of. But off leash - and at this point I allow her to be off leash frequently, almost daily, and every now and again the whole day - she is just moving around, sniffing here and there, going to her bed chewing on something, getting up again ... Any help? (I mean after a walk or some training. When she is tired but doesn't settle on her own) oh! capturing calmness is almost impossible bc of 1. she gets so excited by food/treats, she isn't calm anymore. Often even gets up for more food, or won't lie down again. 4. In controlled environments, she is sometimes allowed off leash. She heels very good even off leash - but not so good when distractions are right on top of us. But we work on it and she is doing great. Her recall is in general very good - but again only without distractions. Now, beeing in lockdown and stuff, we haven't had a chance to go to puppy class or the likes. Is there anyone who can give me pointers how to train the recall, when there are other dogs and/or Sadie is playing? With other dogs I don't even have to call her, she's not coming. 5. Also she still rather plays on her own, just chewing stuff. She will play tug-of-war if I initiate it, but as soon as I let go of the toy, she goes right back to chewing. She is also not a fan of fetch. She runs after the toy and get it. She'll even run in my direction but more often then not she will lie down and start chewing. And ideas? Thank you and stay save from me and Sadie! Commence with the puppy pics! By now she is mor dog than bandana:
  8. I'm a bit late to the party and I live nowhere near as cold as -30 degrees. The coldest this winter was maybe -3 degrees. Anyways, I noticed Sadie (4 months at the time) favouring her hind legs after a maximum of about 10 minutes. Always because of ice crystals. After a few days I sat her down and cut the hair between her toes, not kidding haven't had a single ice crystal since - that is not to say I let her run around indefinately! Just that it helped with the crystals. But for next winter, when she is more or less fully grown, I want to buy her som shoes. How do I go about it? Anything I specifically have to look out for when buying them?
  9. @ urger to herd OH I have more! so many more pictures! @puppytoes, @gentlelake: she only pees in the crate when the door is open! as soon as the door is closed there is no problem at all. There wasn't a single accident when it was closed, not even at night. But if the door is open, she lies/sleeps in it, plays and then pees in it or just goes in, pees and leaves. Same with her 'bed'. She sleeps on it, plays on it and eventually pees on it. Oh and I always put her in the crate after she peed, but like I said, there is no problem at all when the door is closed. I do wash the surfaces down after every accident, and put something on for the smell.
  10. Hi guys! As some of you know, I got a puppy. I have her for two weeks now and tomorrow she will be 11 weeks old. She is ADORABLE! She is cuddly, very friendly and we are working on getting her more accutsomed to the city and noises and....everything. She is doing reeeeeally well! We are still figuring each other out and she is very sensitive - which I have to remind myself time and time again. I do have 2 questions though: 1. She is doing really well with potty training. We do have a few accidents here and there, nothing major - but she consistently pees in her create and her bed. She eats, sleeps, and spends time there when I send her there. And every once second day or so she goes to her create / bed and just....pees. Yesterday she peed on both, twice in the create actually. What do I do? 2. As I said above, I have to send her to her bed / create. How do I show / teach her to go there on her own and stay there? I want her to go there when she wants to sleep during the day, chew on a toy, etc I hope I managed to post the pictures in chronological order.
  11. @flora & molly thank you, I appreciate it! @D'Elle Oh no! That's not what I meant at all, that came out wrong! I just wanted to see, wether my thought process was correct, and wether I collectied the right sort of information. You are absoluely correct, of course. I'll just wait and see, and - if at all - I'll steer her in he "right" direction
  12. OH! I almost forgot: when/ how do BC develope something like OCD? my understanding was, if they are under stimulated (not enough exercise, more importantly mental stimulation) they find different was to let off steam. Is that correct?
  13. @Lawgirl @urgetoherd @flora & Molly @puppytoes thank you so much! I have another question, I didn't really find an answer to: can/ should I start training her the "minute" I get her or give her a day or two to acclimate? I don't mean potty training, I mean more actively training like sit, down, wait? And once I'm down with those, what else is really important? like drop it, leave it, ... What should be my priorities? Besides the off-switch, obviously! Another thing: As I said, I don't live smack down in the middle of vienna, I live a further out - still in the city though. When can I start taking her further into the city? I don't plan to make her walk all day, I will be bringing a backpack for her to get into when she gets tired. How long should I wait after I get her? Anyone have good ressources for tricktraining and/or discdog? (book, website, yt video or channel) PS yes, that profile pic is adorable!
  14. haha I'll keep it in mind! again, thank you so much!
  15. thank you for the quick reply! You have no idea of how much help you just were to me. this actually sooths my bigges worry. I feel confident to satiate a BCs need for exercise and mental stimulation. But living in a city, trying to keep such a sensitive dog, without some more information bothered me. That's actually the reason I finally registered to the forum and asked this question. A family friend has a purebred BC, as does a neighbour. You can probably guess what happened next - spoiler: there's puppys involved. I already visited him and the pups, took a look and actually fell in love with a grey-white rascal of a girl. But I was still unsure. Seeing as it should not pose a problem if she gets used to city life, I'll probably take her.
  16. Hello! I've been reading a lot in the forum, trying to find out if a BC is a good choice for me. I've always wanted a dog and now I am finally in a position to fulfill my dream. I live in a city (Vienna actually-if anyone knows someone), not quite the suburbs yet, but very green. It's not far to the woods or open spaces. I know about their intelligence - one of the reasons I love the breed - and their need for activity. I also know, to teach them to relax early on and challenge them, but find a good balance and don't even try to tire them out physically - at least not on a regular basis. My plan was to train in obedience ( I think it's important, especially in a city), trickdogging for fun and agility or FrisbeeDog - though my sister told me about treibball (don't know if there is an englisch word for that) and I'll definitely look into it. Now my question is (a) what do I have to do, to accustom a BC to city life? To the noises, the cars, the people? I read here, that some managed to train them, but that it was a long process and lots of training. I know that and am prepared for that. If I really do choose a BC as my first dog I am fully prepared to train and be patient and see this through. That's why I'm asking here. A dog is a resposibility for a decad or more -god willing- and I don't want to make this desicion lightly. I want to have a pleasurable time with the dog, not dreading every second. If my living arrangements are not suited for a BC I'd rather know now BEFORE I get one. If it is better for the dog, then I will happily deny myself the pleasure of a BC and who knows maybe in 10 to 20 years things change enough to where I am in a better position to get one. And what can I do, if the dog absolutely doesn't get accusomed or relax? I don't want to have to give up the dog. (b) Like I said, I read a lot of posts here in the forum - most of them about having some or other problem with their BC. But I do wonder: do people really have so much trouble with BCs? (I realize a forum can be a place to ask for help, so naturally there are a lot of posts about having trouble with something). What would you say are the biggest "mistakes" I could make, raising a BC pup? What are the "best" things I could do? Again, I try to educate myself, I try to prepare myself and not be ignorant, I try to make an informed decision. Saying I know what awaits me would be a lie. I have no idea how it will be, again this will be my first dog. But I try to get a picture and I try to find solutions to things that are likely to happen to be quick on my feet and not leave my puppy hanging. So If you have ideas that could help or personal experience I would be immensely thankful! Thank you all in advance and I wish you a nice day
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