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  1. Thanks for your feedback! He never stumbles during normal easier, slower play, it's only when he runs really fast. I'm afraid I'm guilty of getting the play going too fast so I'm definitely going to slow it down with him and give his bones time to grow and close. I keep the play low to the ground, no jumping etc., but I have been letting him play too much like an adult with chasing balls and puller rings as he has so much energy it's the best way to tire him out. We will just slow it down. I can just imagine the lure coursing!! I would love to do that with Rylie when he's older. I went to a dog camp some years ago and lure coursing was one of the activities we could take part in for fun. My border collie Fleck and my golden retrievers Annie and Oakley loved it and were quite good at it as just a play activity.
  2. It has been several years since I've had a puppy and wondering if Rylie is exhibiting normal puppy behavior or something I should be concerned about. Anytime he is chasing a ball or tug toy and running after it, just as he reaches down to grab it he tumbles and flips and slides across the yard a few feet. Sometimes he really rolls and tumbles and even flips headfirst and other times he just falls and stops. He also seems to enjoy it and makes it part of the game but I'm not so sure. I keep most of his play low to the ground so he isn't jumping but just seems to happen when he lowers his head to grab the toy or ball. At first I decided it was just clumsy awkward puppy but he's almost 6 months now and still tumbles. He is quite athletic and energetic and goes really fast after whatever is thrown. He has one tug toy that has sheep skin all over it and he typically grabs it and keeps running but I'm sure it's easy to grab without much effort. Anyway, I haven't checked with his vet as like I said was just thinking it was clumsy puppy stages but now I'm not so sure. What has been your experience with puppies around his age? He has done this always and I thought he would grow out of it as he became more coordinated with age but it seems to be ongoing. Any advice or opinions please!
  3. That looks really fun and looks like Val did great! I know very little about the sport but want to learn more as I am just beginning to explore areas to see what might interest Rylie. I've done agility and tracking before but not sure where Rylie's interest might be. He LOVES water so plan to look into dock diving next summer as there is a club nearby. It will be fun to watch your progress here on the forum too! And congratulations on his latest events!!
  4. Wisk is beautiful and love the eyes, and just look at the wise old face of Orbit! I just love the gray faces.
  5. When Rylie was about the age yours is I would lie down on my bed while he was in his crate. He settled within 5 to 10 minutes that way. Not sure that will be an option for you due to your neighbors as Rylie did bark and cry during that time. He now settles on his own but like already mentioned he would have a hard time settling if overly tired. I also spend some quiet time before going in his crate especially if we've played tug or fetch before hand.
  6. Song.Sparrow I had tried that with Rylie. We had had a big tree cut down and where the stump was ground, he loved to dig there in the wood chips. I thought ok this is a good place to be his digging spot. Nope, he still could dig to the center of the earth in that area but also dug anywhere else some scent cued him of another good place to dig. So far the only thing that has been working is the suggestions others made about never leaving him alone in the yard and he is on a long leash a lot of the time. The long leash is mostly so I can get to him when he starts chasing squirrels along the fence. They run along the top and he goes crazy chasing them and barking and I'm sure my neighbors don't appreciate it at 6 in the morning. With the long leash I can now get to him to stop the chase. I do worry about it getting wrapped around a tree or something but for now I'll continue to use it when needed. I do really hope that some day when he's older, he can have free access to the yard without my having to be out there. Afterall what's the use of a nice big fenced yard if he can't have access except when I can be available. Off the subject but how do I add a quote of what the previous poster had said?
  7. Love all the photos! Finn is too cute and Higgins was gorgeous. Hopefully Finn will provide many new memories! And it looks like you might have a future veterinarian in the family?
  8. Oh how precious!! Looking forward to following your adventures with Sara!
  9. He is so cute and working for you!! Can't get any better than that!
  10. D'Elle and Urge to Herd I'm almost 71 and just got my 3rd BC puppy! I did have 2 border collies and 2 golden retrievers (2nd favorite dogs) all at the same time. Trained and/or showed in agility and tracking and loved every second of it. After the last of those 4 had passed, I decided it was time for a puppy so I wouldn't be too old during its lifespan so in July got Rylie! I plan to have another puppy in maybe a year or two (shhh don't tell my husband lol!!) I'm like you, their intelligence and desire to be with and working with is just so incredible! I will say the future puppy might be a golden but for the same reasons! And yes I have clothes and knick knacks and books, and toys, and training gear, and more crates than I'll ever need again, and on and on the list goes!
  11. Thanks for the suggestions everyone and will take your suggestions seriously and put a stop to it.
  12. Thanks puppytoes! So right about not leaving him. He will start digging while I am simply walking across the yard to get a frisbee! I have gotten lax in paying 100% attention and he really does seem totally motivated by the digging. Time too to go back a step and put a line on him again to let him drag around. He's getting away with chasing our cats a little too much lately too. He loves the chase but is friendly to them when they don't run. I need to buckle down again and stop the chase! The backyard for him is a time of frisbee, puller toy, jolly ball, and tennis balls so he does get the stimulation and energy release but it is the quick little times my back is turned that he heads to his favorite "digs". Thanks for the reminders that I've gotten too lax and expecting behavior that is appropriate without teaching him what isn't!
  13. Please someone tell me when the incessant digging behavior gets outgrown! Rylie is 5 months old and when out in the yard I can turn my back 5 seconds and he's digging! I don't really leave him out alone but if I run inside for a quick minute to get a drink or my phone he's tearing in to the favorite spots! I refill and boom they're dug out again. I even sprinkle cayenne pepper over the area to no avail. I know he's just a puppy but it is amazing the amount of newly planted grass he can destroy or the layers of mud he can get himself covered in! So frustrated but I've heard they outgrow it! My other 2 border collies rarely dug so this is new to me.
  14. Lawgirl...I have to laugh a bit! Yes I am a photographer but you just can't imagine how many tries it takes to get a .00001 sec of a still border collie puppy! The photo in front of the fence was a nightmare! He was chasing squirrels that were running along the top and I yelled his name and he turned to look for a split second as if to say "What mom!!" and then he was off again running the fence! He is non-stop energy! Oh and the photo in the marigolds, he was chasing bees and stopped to look and see where they were! Maybe after he matures and gets more training I'll be able to get an actual pose! I can only hope!
  15. What a beautiful pup and wonderful photo! I'm new too and love having a place to meet and share together our love for our dogs!
  16. Thank you all! I am really looking forward to learning and sharing here in the group. Rylie is my 3rd Border Collie and I used to show in agility, obedience and tracking with one of my others and my two golden retrievers. I don't plan to show Rylie any but will still probably train in agility and tracking just for fun. Obedience is a given!! AND it's a good think you said you like puppy pictures because I am a photographer and LOVE having a puppy as a model!!
  17. I feed NomNomNow. If you aren't familiar it is fresh food cooked and delivered straight to your door. It's human grade and smells great! My dogs and cats (cat formula) do great on it and get so excited about mealtime! Do a search and check it out.
  18. Hi everyone! I just got approved for membership and thought I'd share some photos of my new guy! I got him when he was 6 weeks old (I know really too young) and he has been a complete joy! His first couple of photos he is 5 months old. The last is when he was about 3 months.
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