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  1. OMG she is precious!! Love puppy pics! Can't offer much advice as to the peeing. Only thing that comes to mind is maybe she wants to pee on something soft and absorbent the way the grass is outside? Outside of her crate, is it flooring or carpet etc? Good luck and let us know how it goes! And welcome to the forum! I'm new too and have gotten some great advice here.
  2. First off...what a cutie!! As for the zoomies, Rylie was and still is the exact same way! He is now 6 months old but has done the evening zoomies all along. I discovered by trial and error that he needed to go to bed much earlier than we were taking him to his crate. His last meal is about 5 PM and after a short playtime, he goes out for a potty break and then more playtime inside until about 6. Then we start with some more gentle play or snuggles or light training and by 6:15 or 6:30 he's into his nighttime crate which is in the bedroom. At 10 when I am going to bed, sometimes he whines and gets taken out for a quick potty and then right back into his crate for the night. He usually then sleeps until 4:30 or 5 and we get up for the day. No more zoomies once we started getting him settled much earlier. When he was younger the nighttime potty breaks did come in the middle of the night for a little while but it didn't take long for him to be sleeping through the night. Before that he would play rough tug or something in the house and get all worked up and into the zoomies and/or biting/mouthing. Early bedtime took care of it! Oh and while border collies do have more energy than other breeds, we have had 3 golden retrievers, 2 border collies (before Rylie), 2 elkhounds, and a german shepherd and I can honestly say they were all about the same to have in our household as to the ease of them. So I'm glad you went ahead and got the puppy you wanted instead of listening to others. Have fun, enjoy your puppy and especially these early puppy days (even though they can be trying at times), and watch her grow and develop into her adulthood. It passes way too fast in spite of the days you feel like she'll never settle!
  3. Just from what I see in the photo, I see pit and maybe lab mix. I'm sure others might have better ideas.
  4. Thanks! That's what I figured but then thought there might be more to it. I will start doing that when I add photos.
  5. Cute photos! Our cats agree with your cats!
  6. Thank you Flora & Molly and Lawgirl. Not sure how to do the Rylie thread. Not too familiar with the ins and outs of forums.
  7. I hope you all meant it when you said you loved pictures because here is another one of Rylie!
  8. Perfect! I love the way choosing names just clicks when the right one is found. I haven't heard of that film so will have to check it out!
  9. Rylie having a taste of sheepskin from his favorite tug toy.
  10. Well I know they are all individuals but Rylie at exactly 5 months was 33.2 lbs and not fat at all. I would say his weight is about where it should be, not fat nor thin, just muscular and sleek. There is a photo of him on the Gallery if you'd like to see him.
  11. Urge to herd, we don't have foxtails and I have definitely examined his pads and between his toes. I have been reading a lot about Pano and I'm beginning to agree with GentleLake that it very well may be Pano. Regardless of what it is, I have no idea how I'll be able to keep him quiet and calm until it clears! I haven't let him do any running around today and right now he is bouncing off the walls! We have done some training and puzzle treat dispensers and other calm activities but he really has a lot of energy!! I may need medication for me for the duration of this!! lol
  12. Well GentleLake, I was going to take Rylie to the vet but he is closed for Thanksgiving until Monday. I'll hooefully be able to get him in then. He still plays fine some and then will limp. The other night he snuggled and slept next to me on the couch for about an hour and then when taking him to his crate he limped fairly badly. When he had first settled on the couch earlier, he wasn't limping at all. So I want to find out what's going on! It's the fine for a while and then the limping that definitely says something is going on!
  13. What a cutie pie! Love his butt on the cushion! Too busy to move!
  14. My name suggestion Snuff kind of came from "He's Just Enough" ....Snuff.
  15. I see lab/shepherd mix but I'm no good at "seeing" breeds!
  16. Thanks for your comments! I had thought about panosteitis but seems the symptoms for that are more severe. I know our boys (human) both had terrible growing pains and would wake in the night crying. I had never heard of the puppy paw issue either but the google search did mention on different sites that it could be painful. Most of the time I can barely tell he's limping if at all but there might be the slight head bob. The worst time was on the road the other day and our road has rough texture to it so that is when I really started thinking pad. We don't have ticks and he is on prevention plus our yard is treated so not sure how it could be Lyme. He's been fine today running around the yard showing no signs but the grass is slightly wet and there is a layer of damp leaves. He is also fine in the house. No limping inside even the day he was limping on the road.
  17. Rylie's favorites inside are tug and catching a tossed tennis ball kept low and close within about 3 or 4 feet so safe to play inside. He has a treat puzzle toy but goes through it so fast that I don't use it very often. He also gets a LickiMat from Cleanrun with some of his food or some pumpkin spread in it or a frozen kong with peanut butter. This settles him and gives him something to do for a while. AND as GentleLake said, rain is typically no problem. Rylie doesn't mind it at all and I hike and backpack so I'm used to being out in all kinds of weather. We don't do as much play in the yard when it's raining for fear of slipping and getting hurt but walks are no problem. Rylie is also just now beginning to love to just snuggle on the couch while I watch tv and he also has a mat for Go to Mat command which he will settle on and play with a toy or chew on a nylabone.
  18. Well I'm always learning new things but this is something I've never heard of before. Rylie for the past few weeks has from time to time had a limp on his right front leg. It would come and go within hours or days and had me stumped. As I would watch him I just couldn't understand why one hour he'd limp and the next would be fine and running around like normal. It was never a bad limp, just enough to make me wonder if he really was limping. THEN I noticed a slight limp on his left leg! Well I knew he wasn't faking it so this got me really wondering what the heck. I was waiting and watching to see how or if it would worsen and if so would take him to the vet. Again fine one day, slight limp the next, slight limp on the other leg the next day??? Yesterday I took him for a walk around the block and before we got home he was limping pretty badly, but again as soon as playing in the yard seemed fine again. So I began to think it was a problem in his foot/feet. So after puzzling over this, started doing some google searches and realized that pink puppy pads changing black can be painful. I knew their noses and toes could and would change color but didn't really realize the pads did too and had never noticed it in the 5 other puppies we've had and had never heard it mentioned anywhere. It also mentioned that it tended to happen around 6 months of age. Well Rylie is 6 months tomorrow! Well sure enough, Rylie has the marbling on his feet. I had examined his feet at first wondering if he had a cut or something but didn't really notice or think about the black patches. He has no raw places and didn't seem to mind me handling them any more than his usual "leave my feet alone, you're not clipping my nails" behavior. Anyway, I'm sure some of you with much more experience with puppies have seen this, what are your thoughts? I will keep him off rough surfaces like the road, but I"m also wondering if some boots will help or will boots just prevent his pads from toughening as they should?
  19. Snuff or Roo. Have no idea why for either name, they just popped into my head when I looked at his photo. He's a cute boy!
  20. Boy can I relate! Rylie will be 6 months old Saturday and teenager yes! He is so good with certain things and a nightmare with others. We have no problems going out and leaving him in his small xpen and crate in our den, but for the life of me can't get him to stop playing/chewing/attacking my feet while I'm sitting! He does his obedience commands very well and knows "leave it" most of the time but then there goes the bacon off the counter! It's all part of the process and every dog is different. Rylie is our 3rd bc and we've also gone through the puppy days with 2 golden retrievers (talk about chewers!!). Patience and enjoy these puppy days as they will be gone and you'll wonder where those antics went!
  21. I have altered our play some so that Rylie is running a lot slower and not tumbling nearly as much. He loves tug toys and instead of throwing toys I will tempt him with the tug toy and as he runs to get it while really close to me, I just toss it a little bit and he grabs it as he's running and then doesn't need to reach down for it and never gets much speed going. Thanks everyone for your input and good reminder for me to slow things down!
  22. That's a great idea and also a great excuse to do less yard work!! lol I'll start doing that when we go to the park!
  23. Thanks everyone! GentleLake, I'm definitely old enough!! Still remember waiting for the mail to get photos back! I didn't get into photography until 2008 but my husband was very much into film. We had a darkroom and we still have the film camera (Canon FTB) and all the darkroom equipment. Today I shoot with a Sony A7RIII and have an Olympus IR as well. As for candids, I have quite a few if I ever have time to edit them!! So much to do so little time!
  24. Thanks for your feedback! He never stumbles during normal easier, slower play, it's only when he runs really fast. I'm afraid I'm guilty of getting the play going too fast so I'm definitely going to slow it down with him and give his bones time to grow and close. I keep the play low to the ground, no jumping etc., but I have been letting him play too much like an adult with chasing balls and puller rings as he has so much energy it's the best way to tire him out. We will just slow it down. I can just imagine the lure coursing!! I would love to do that with Rylie when he's older. I went to a dog camp some years ago and lure coursing was one of the activities we could take part in for fun. My border collie Fleck and my golden retrievers Annie and Oakley loved it and were quite good at it as just a play activity.
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