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  1. I would try to find a certified dog behaviorist to help you. There are some that will work with you remotely if there aren't any close to you. I also would not let him run loose EVER until he has a rock solid recall. This is just what comes to mind for me. Good luck and sorry you have this issue to solve.
  2. Thank you all! He is such a fun boy and learning so fast!
  3. Where we live we don't get much snow but today was a surprise. We got about 2 1/2" and Rylie got his first "taste" of snow! He had a ball running and playing in it.
  4. Well after reading through everyone's dogs' obsessions, I can almost say "All of the Above" about Rylie! Probably his strongest obsession though is TUG! Anything! If he has something in his mouth and I have part of it in my hand, he will tug! He never gets enough. Talking about the mirrors and reflections, we just had new windows installed and for the time being, have no blinds or curtains up in most of them and the furniture is not in front. Well at night when the lights are on, he barks at our reflections in them when we move around. I guess he's protecting us from those strangers!! A few things I haven't seen mentioned: My printer will run a self-clean and check for updates about twice a week. When it starts and makes it's weird sounds, Rylie goes crazy barking at it. It doesn't matter where he is in the house, if he can hear it, he goes nuts! Luckily it never does the self-check in the middle of the night! Anytime I might be standing at the kitchen counter or in front of the stove, he will lie down right behind me usually touching some part of my legs or feet. He never makes a sound getting in position and I'm just waiting for the accident of falling over him! He does something similar in the yard. I can be walking away from him to get a toy or just moving away so I can get some distance to throw something and I'll glance around to see where he is. I'll look over my shoulder left then right and not see him anywhere. When I then turn around, he is RIGHT behind me close enough to touch me with his nose. Again, I never hear a sound and often I jump out of my skin he startles me so!! It's like he's a ghost!
  5. What a handsome guy!! I love the all legs stage!! I think I also see his name written all over that chair!
  6. I love it!! Rylie not only got an improperly installed off button but he didn't even get the button! So that explains it!
  7. My last golden retriever Annie was always somewhat uninterested in eating but when she was about 14 she just didn't seem to enjoy much of anything especially eating. Well I switched my picky eater cats to Nomnomnow (cat recipe) and they loved it so I decided to try it with Annie and Jesse our BC. Wow Annie got so excited about eating again! Actually bounced around the kitchen for her meals and she had NEVER done that. Ever since then, that's all I feed. Rylie is now the "kitchen dancer" as Annie is no longer with us but she made it to 16. Rylie's favorite choice of the four recipe options is the beef. They have chicken, beef, turkey, or pork and they all look and smell good enough for our own dinner! You can check them out or I could send a referral and we'd get a discount. Not trying to sell you anything but just letting you know how our dogs love it and do great on it. You can even check out the shine on Rylie's coat in the photo section here on the board. Good luck in finding what ever works for Masi as that's what's important!!
  8. That's a mystery!! With Rylie we have begun to tackle it and it's going very well surprisingly. He loves the toothpaste and sees it as a treat. (Arm & Hammer Tarter Control Beef Flavor) I have the finger brushes as well as a toothbrush style similar to a regular toothbrush and with the paste on it, he licks at it and while he's doing that I can brush the front and backs sides. Haven't quite figured out yet how to easily get to the insides though and it is very hit and miss at this point. I figure if I keep at it though he will eventually pay no mind to the brushing and just enjoy the paste! Oh and I did find out the brush rather than the finger brushes work a lot easier but I think that is because of my clumsy use and keep getting bit accidentally.
  9. If available and financially possible at least a few days a week, a doggy daycare, otherwise a crate with maybe a small x-pen attached in an area with no carpet?
  10. Lawgirl that is awesome!! I have a Fine Art America site where I post some of my photography and you can have photos printed on so many things! I should start doing that!
  11. Yes GentleLake....the spot where the angels kissed him before he was born!
  12. Glad you're getting things under control. It took a few times for us to figure out the zoomies meant bedtime. We have since learned to read Rylie like a book!! Your puppy is gorgeous and the dot on his head reminds me of my first and dearest border collie Fleck. I'll miss him til the day I die but my heart is full of memories and love for the others I have had and have now.
  13. He is gorgeous and I love his mostly white coat! Thanks too for the compliment on my photos. I've just printed out a 13" x 19" photo of the black and white one of Rylie. I'm going to make a frame and mat and it will be my Christmas present to ME!!
  14. Well it just had me stumped! lol Rylie gets probiotics too but his are a white powder.
  15. Oh he's a pretty boy!! I know what you mean about trying to get photos of the never ending motion machines called Border Collies! Looking forward to more photos as you can get them and as he continues to grow. I'm fairly new to the group with my puppy Rylie and there are so many knowledgeable people on here!
  16. When I was very active in agility, I had a trainer that would have us run a course with nothing but shoulder and head movement. We couldn't speak and we couldn't use our hands or arms. The dogs had to really pay attention and it really got their attention. I don't know if it would have any effect on spinning but maybe she would really focus on you and have to think. Maybe worth a try.
  17. Well Rylie has had a huge number of x-rays showing shoulders, elbows, and hips from different views and angles. Everything looked great except for one very small dark place on his shoulder. His vet doesn't really think it's anything to worry about at this time and to wait and see how things go. If he continues to limp off and on (hasn't limped any this week) we can send the x-rays to a radiologist for further opinion and if things progressively get worse, can get an appointment with a surgeon in our area that specializes with shoulder surgeries and to get his opinion. Otherwise my vet thinks it may clear up on its own or we can take steps later if it doesn't. He recommended letting him be a puppy and not restrict his activities and see how things go. He also pointed out that all his other bones and joints looked excellent at this time. So Rylie now has an abundance of "pictures", a new microchip, and tidy fancy nail trimmings, and his mom has emptied her Christmas budget for this year and several more to come!! Glad the Christmas shopping has already been done!!
  18. Great set of photos! They all look so happy and I love the Autumn poses. Those Thanksgiving dinner plates sure look good too but I have to ask, what is the small turquoise object on each plate???
  19. Yes Ruth he is going to check shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips, and also long bones to see how plates are closing if at all. I just hope he can find the issue since it's so on and off with the limping and not just the right although it seems mostly that one.
  20. Well just a short update after Monday's trip to the vet. It's not pano and his pads are fine. Monday and Tuesday he didn't limp at all and then today limping again. He has been on an anti-inflammatory 2 days now and goes Friday for xrays of all four legs to have a record and to see what's going on in front. I'll update again after the results Friday.
  21. Don I have been pleased that when Rylie is on a leash and we are walking, he has begun to obey the "leave it" and no longer pull my arm out of the socket! Loose on a long line in the yard is still too much to ask! lol
  22. What a beautiful group! Glad you've joined the group and can add to the discussions! I'm betting you have a lot of knowledge to share!
  23. That is so different from Rylie! I keep him on a long line in the yard because of his chasing and BARKING at the squirrels that run along the top of the fence and the poor birds never get a peaceful snack at the feeders if he is in the yard! The fence is new and the ground where it was built is very rough so between keeping neighbors happy (stopping his barking) and protecting his puppy legs and feet, the line gives me the control to stop the chase! His recall is coming along but not yet there when a squirrel is involved! I don't even try it yet knowing it would fail. Sorry, kind of got off track of "hunting dog".
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