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  1. I can't really re arrange the room due to the layout but if I sit elsewhere it seems OK, or if my wife sits there it's fine, its me that's the burden haha. she seems alot better as of late though so just baby steps for now
  2. Excellent, thanks for your tips, I'll keep at it and see how it goes!
  3. My collie is a magnet to me everywhere I go apart from the sofa in the living room. If I'm in there she's 50/50 if she will come in and occasionally she will all of a sudden just skulk out. If I'm not there she is fine with my wife. In the rest of the house she is, like I said earlier, a magnet to my side. The issue is a few years ago she was laying on the floor by the sofa where I was sat and I spilt a coffee on my lap, I jumped up in agony from the boiling water and in turned landed on her tail which cause her to yelp and flee. She must have flashbacks from that because if sit o
  4. Thanks both for the replies, sorry for the late response, I've been busy with work and a newborn baby! I have been trying a few things that's mentioned above and she's getting better so fingers crossed for the future.
  5. Hi, My 5 year old BC is well trained and listens /does what I want 99% of the time. Her distance work is good, at approx 50 yards range she will still sit, wait, down and knows how to go left and right, away and to me directions. The issue... When playing fetch with a ball launcher, she will chase it but if it takes a bad bounce or she misses it she then goes into 'hard working' find the ball mode. She will do lap and after lap until she gets it which is great by her but on a walk can be a pain for myself. I can get her to stop the hunt, wait and direct h
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