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  1. Thanks D'Elle. We are working hard at making the crate more positive and a major change has been me being able to have him free in a space with the door open, so he can go in and out as he pleases. We now have a giant IKEA shark in there and he will go in the crate and stay there for treats. I think once I build this back up then I may very well use it as time out as you suggest. You are right with the uh-oh - I may change. It's very hard to break a habit!!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a very energetic, bold and adventurous 11 week old collie, Bryn. Now that he can soon go for walks, I would love some breed-specific and real-life advice as to how to proceed with exercise safely. I am also concerned about the amout of activity that my pup is doing in day to day life. I will bullet these for ease - any advice would be much appreciated! - There are two steps between my living room and kitchen. Bryn likes nothing more than to bound between the two rooms, hopping up the steps and jumping down them. He also jumps up and off anything he can - the sofa
  3. And yes beachdogz I have definitely relaxed. Training is very limited now - sit and down repeats with 'release', on your bed, in your crate, and 'settle'. We will do some lead work from Sunday when he can go out in the big wide world, and will do more fun recalls and release work. Other than that it's just fetching and playing and being a puppy We can work on awesome tricks and so on later - he just doesn't have the attention for it now and it is unfair on him. He is such a bold pup - nothing phases him and he is so cheeky. I think he will be a handful but a lot of fun. He's a very posi
  4. Hi guys, Sorry for the radio silence - things have been a little hectic. Thanks again for the advice. We are doing a lot better and have tried various things to different levels of success. D'Elle, I tried your crate method for a few days but despite my best efforts to be casual and upbeat, it was clear that he was getting very anxious and was unable to settle. His whining and barking in the crate significantly increased and I felt that it was doing more harm than good. Whilst the biting was reduced (probably because he was mostly in the crate and away from me!) it was reversing my
  5. Fab, thanks so much. He is lots better today - we have kept things short and fun and I am trying very hard to minimise opportunities for biting. There's been very little biting and nothing horrendous or lungeing (the body part he grabbed yesterday was absolutely off limits!!). I am definitely seeing a correlation between biting frequency and the amount of time we are playing, so you are clearly right about the over stimulation. He seems to want to be awake most of the time and playing and it's hard to get him to accept the sleep. I will admit that I finding it hard to put him in if he do
  6. Thanks again, this is really helpful. We tried some of this tonight with mixed results. It is hard because all he seems to want to do with me is bite me (a week ago he would come and lick me and sit with me but that seems to have gone now that he is bolder) so it leaves little interaction and it feels like I am just teaching him to avoid me or he will go in the crate. Tonight we did lots of toy play and fun and also some gentle treat taking which went very well. Nothing else, but it was quite a long play session. In the end it got to the point where he drew blood so I put him to bed and now he
  7. Thank you so much D'Elle, that is really useful. To answer a few of your Qs, I am really trying to be positive with the leash - absolutely no pulling, but he pulls himself back and leaps around and if I relax the lead I almost end up chasing him backwards to avoid the fight. It's hard to lure him forward with a treat as he's not always interested, and also as soon as he starts moving, he goes for the legs or my hand. He won't just follow my hand sniffing for example. Do you have any advice on this? Should I try a toy and let him latch on to that? Just to clarify too, I'm not trying to man
  8. Hi everyone,I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I have had my collie pup a week now; he's 9 weeks old. We have been doing well with many aspects of training with some basics learnt already and good crate manners (a little crying when I leave the room but that's expected). We are learning leash walking (quite challenging; he is a fighter) but he is generally very good. Socialisation and habituation are going well considering the limitations - he is pretty bold and fearless. The hoover has met its match!However, we have two problems. The first, and worst, is the biting. This got very bad with leash
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