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  1. Hi, I thought it was funny ? I guess I?m really not a very competitive person! Barb, I think you're just the right kind of competitive person! No one has ever died because their dog crossed the line before he was supposed to. In fact, my favorite run of Bear's and my 'career' in agility is still his first Master's Gamblers run when we accumulated almost zero points and then had a lovely conversation about being sent to a tunnel 5 feet away (did I mention it was our first try at Master's Gamblers??)before we were whistled off. The reason it was my fave run is because I was playing with my beloved dog, whom I was told would never amount to much in agility, on a lovely Indian summer day and I was so proud of him for getting us to Master's in 4 trials (his biggest handicap is me as a handler). No one but me remembers that run and that's ok too! As Paul Stolzenburg, a USDAA judge, said: "Nobody remembers who took second in 16" Jumpers two weeks ago (except maybe the handler who did it); everybody remembers who was a jerk to their dog/other competitors/the judge two years ago. Your reputation precedes you, and remains after you're gone." And Melanie, USDAA isn't too scary; in fact, you can't title in starters/PI games so it's a great venue if, say, you just want to run Solo in Starters or PI gamblers. People think it's scary because of jump heights and A-Frame heights (too high) but now they have Performance classes, which mirrors our Specials classes in Canada (and it's a nicer name too). Kristi
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