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  1. Hi, I have a 5 month old Border Collie. He is strange little guy when it comes to Border Collies. He is obsessed with other dogs and has no interest in balls or frisbees. When he sees another dog in the park, he immediately runs to them and wants to play with them and doesnt stop when being called his name or to Come, Sit, or any command. He is like in another world. He never showed any interest in fetch. Lately i have got some success in making it look like a job, and he is more inclined to run after the ball and bring it back, even if it is for a treat. But the moment he sees anot
  2. My puppy likes to thrash his head left and right when playing with his plush toy. Today he badly banged his head to the dinning table leg when doing so. Since then his right ear is flopping down in a strange angle to the right. His ears are prick ears so that has never been before. He doesn't seem to be in pain. I touched it and examined it multiple times and he doesn't mind or pull his head back in pain. I think his ear is broken though. I think I can see the broken cartilage. Is there anything I can do? his vet is all booked and wont be able to see him till next week. Is there anything
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