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  1. D'Elle, Journey, thank you for your comments. Vinegar is the only solution we could find to keep her away from areas where we don't want her to use, which by the way doesn't work all the time. When she was a puppy and living indoors, we potty trained her using pads. We later used the pads outside to get her to use a certain area and praised and rewarded her when she did so. After a some time we removed the pads and all was fine for a while. Now, whenever she starts using off-limits areas, we try to get her to relieve herself in the designated area by taking her there after she eats and use praise and rewards when she goes. We clean her garden daily and it is big enough so she can always find a clean spot. So, I don't think that's the reason why she doesn't want to go there.
  2. Hi everyone, I am seeking advice about a problem we are experiencing with our 13 month old BC, Aiko. We live in a rural area on a piece of land about 3,200 sqm. We normally keep Aiko outside and at first we fenced off about 300 sqm area just for her, complete with a covered area for her dog house. The idea was to keep her there most of the time. But now she is free to roam the entire land and we don't want her to relieve herself around our vegetable garden or other off-limits areas. So, we tried to train her to go potty only in her 300 sqm garden and we were successful to a certain extent. But now, every once in a while she picks a spot outside her garden to go potty. This behaviour usually lasts a day or two, we try to deter her by spraying vinegar in that area and encourage her to go in her garden. I would appreciate any ideas to help us solve this problem. Thanks very much.
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