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  1. Hi guys! 
    I’ve read this forum a lot in the past years but now I have decided to be active in it. So I’m Maude, I live in Quebec City and I own 2 border collies (Pixelle nearly 13 yo and Sköll 3yo) and a Schipperke. I’m also active in the rescue world, I’ve been a foster home for the past 12 years for many breeds, but mainly herding breeds. I’m also the person in charge about the medical part of Blitz Rescue  (I’m a vet tech). I also trained my dogs in agility and herding. Plus a bit of fitness and obedience. 

    This is my current BC group 

    ( Sköll, Millow the foster and Pixelle my old one) 




  2. Hello everyone,

    I have rescued a young border collie male 2 months ago. He is now ready to look for his forever home. I’m looking for a working family who knows the breed. He got a few behaviours issues but nothing serious. He is ok with cats and dogs. He could be a good herding dog. We had the chance to play with him a little in the circle, but nothing serious has been done. He is crate trained, house broken and neutered. He is a very good boy, he deserves the best. 

    For more info or if interested, contact me 


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