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  1. Hi! So I bought my Collie at 8 weeks old from a sheep farm. Mum and dad and siblings were all there, very friendly! Pup has been great - loves learning new tricks (for treats) and can walk for miles over fields without lead, his recall is second to none! But over the last week he has become somewhat aggressive when myself or my children attempt to stroke his back or neck and will whip his head around to nip us. He’s had a recent visit to the vet who said there were no issues with his back area. We’ve never used any kind of aggression towards him and always stay as calm as possible when telling him ‘NO’ or ‘Leave it’, but this evening doggy was sat on my sons bed and as my son has gone to move him, puppy has made an awful grown and bit my sons face! There were two deep holes and a fair bit of blood. I am horrified! We were in shock reacting to this so gave him a ferm ‘NO’ and took him from the room into the kitchen behind the baby gate. While doing this he had also gone for my hand. I understand he must have panicked for some reason and that if it was my hand he had bitten I would see it as a problem but be less shook by it, but as it was my son I’m now worried he may do it again. Any help would be super appreciated!
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