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  1. It just might have been the asprin that killed your dog, asprin is not considered good for dogs and that seems a high dose, I understand that to late for your dog but maybe someone else can benefit they have specific medicines for dogs suffering pain of this type do not accept any over the counter human medicine to help this issue. Change the diet to low fat low protein slow down the growth rate which is the problem in the first place.
  2. 2015 just noticed to late for you but not to late for another reader
  3. It sounds like Panosteitis if it is they grow out of it, in the mean time put your dog on low protein low fat diet first dicuss this with your vet my GSD boy suffered badly from this I thought at first he was just a sook because he would bump his leg and scream and you had to physically console him, but he is fine now changed his diet has gone past the first critical stage in growth and he is a different dog, always sweet always happy but now he is like he was before Pano set in he jumps out of his skin rejoicing the day.
  4. My daughters dog does this I was wondering if was a breed specific and it appears it is my question answered, it is painfully obvious that it is a communication thing it concerns me that people can't identify simple yet direct dog language and their attempt to get your attention some considering it aggression which it so obviously is not, a bite snap is so very different.
  5. Two things 1) one of our daughters has moved back in with her partner and Border Collie which is a sweet dog but is in my opinion overly needy with human contact plays well with my 10 month old GSD, except when she can't best him which is all the time she either sooks, bites or gets snappy, the concern here is my GSD is not likely to take this forever and he does push back as you would expect from a GSD male or female, my concern is when she goes ballistic there will come a time he may just wipe the backyard with her. 2) My daughter is pregnant and due soon, the issue is the possessive issue it concerns me particularly as the I don't believe they have socialised the dog with children she may show aggression to her child with regard to jealousy and possessiveness issues, the GSD no problem he already has been introduced to kids babies and people of all ages his issue will be containment of enthusiasm. Question am I being over concerned, when its not your dog well its harder to accept issues because it's not really your right to control them, and she is more dog than they can control in my opinion as they feed and pat and rarely really put the effort in training, she is nearly 2 years and my opinion at that age she should be like a remote control.
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