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  1. Thanks for the advice! Filling up some of his kongs now with yummy treats. It was a normal neuter so im hoping he'll be good soon. I keep checking his surgical site just to make sure everything looks good. So far no issues.
  2. Thank you! Yes. We have him crated for his bedtime as well. This morning when i got him out though he ran out like gangbusters. Jumping around like he didnt just have his testicles removed! Crazy pup. The onsies are a godsend, i got those as well because i knew the cone would be a nightmare. Hopefully i can keep him as calm as possible. Mornings are always the toughest.
  3. Cooper was always way over what the charts said. He seemed to slow down though at around 9 months. He is just over a year old now and has been holding steady at just under 47lbs.
  4. So my Cooper just got neutered yesterday and is already bouncing off the walls! Any tips on how to keep a BorderCollie calm after surgery? Or is this just an impossibility?
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