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  1. OK thanks everybody! Great tips here, and if I can summarize it all, I will just keep trucking, be patient, be aware that as a teenager she will have some bad days, use higher/highest value treats in the new/strange locations, and remember to only change one of D/D/D at a time... I tried with a new treat on Sunday (rinds of a smoked ham) and she went nuts and listened like never before within our yards and on a walk, so that was encouraging...
  2. HI. I have an almost 10-month old female, from a working mother (cow farm) in the Austrian Alps. I got her at 3 months and have been training her alone, using various books and videos. I am not using her as a stock dog though. I have a few questions. When I have her in our enclosed yard (which is quite large) she does pretty well on things like recall and stay. (Probably over 75% of the time. This rate increases when she has a 30 foot long leash on. For whatever reason the long lead makes her more obedient.) She is excellent at Frisbee catching and chasing tennis balls, bringing those ba
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