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  1. Hey D'Elle, Thanks for your reply on this, really appreciate it I do feel discouraged, am speaking to the bc rescue I helped set up later today, as she is obviously keen for me to rescue as well. How long were you looking for yours? For me it's been 6 - 7 months, is that normal, short, long? I am not restricting myself to area either am looking all over the UK, as I am happy to travel. I have been in touch with 3 more places (more sheep dog farmers)... BUT they also do failed sheep dogs, which I am quite interested in. I would be an active dog, that could fit in and I could have years left with him and still do all the training and classes I would like also. Yeah I would think bringing the dog to work with me would be good as well, who knows. I think as I work away from my house, like I live in another area m-f when I am on a contract and home weekends, they would want to see the living situation when I am away, and that varies job to job! Have you got any pointers, or tips, where, how to look, how long to wait, perhaps stop looking for a while... dunno anything you think extra could help? Thanks in advance. xx
  2. Lovely dogs Susie. Yes I think I do use them interchangeable, although Harry my first boy was more curly, and Olls was more long straight. x
  3. Hello Alligande I LOVE this story - thank you for sharing. I love long hair tri males, had 2 so far. Since my boy passed I have been looking at rescue and ISDS pups as well. Are you in the UK? I have recently passed on an ISDS well bred pup. SO the search continues. xx
  4. So sorry to hear that, and must have been so hard and heart breaking to deal with. I will take this on board. Thank you for sharing. xx
  5. I am just really struggling to find a rescue to work with my situation of working away from home and wanting to take the dog with me to work. I have seen perhaps 10 collies I like but they either have “can not be placed with young children” or “must be the only pet” having a 5yo niece and visiting dogs and other visiting children I can’t seem to get a match.... any help or suggestions would be great xx
  6. Hello D’Elle I would love to get a rescue and have been looking for over 6 months plus now, due to working away from home and wanting to take the dog with me to work, most rescues in the UK will not accept me. Most of the rescue dogs I have seen can also can not be placed with children or other pets, I have a niece 5yo and visiting dogs, I am struggling to find a rescue match. Any suggestions to solve this would be great? xx
  7. beachdoz, I guess it is preference the coats, and yes agreed about groomers, I love brushing my long coat boy, and running hand through his coat, I guess I find it relaxing and bonding. But agreed groomers god you can hand them over and they take care of it. They look lovely from the photo btw xx
  8. Ruth and Gibbs, I loved hearing about yours, and same, they are the best breed for sure. I grew up with Harry (family dog) from about 13, and I had Ollie (my dog) from say 24 ish, god I miss him so much. He worked less in his older years, was more a couch potato, but when he was younger there was class, training, longer walks. I can’t imagine not having one in my life. sounds like your Shonie was lucky to have you ❤️. Thank you so much for your thoughts, really needed and appreciated thank you. When I find him I will post pictures in the gallery ❤️ Harry is my boy in my profile pic, I find it still a bit raw looking at pictures of Ollie as I miss him so much. xx
  9. Ruth & Gibbs, oh my heart they sound lovely, bless them. I have been looking for a rescue for the past 6 months after my soul bc passed in my arms from a short illness. Rescue was my first choice, I worked for and helped set up a bc rescue in the UK. I have been struggling to find a rescue that would fit with me. It is harder in the Uk as you have to fill certain requirements, and for me my next bc would come to work with me (something a rescue would not agree with) I also have a niece 5yo, and see my brother and his dog regularly, so the next bc would have to fit with that, I so far have not found a fit yet. So messaged an old friend on the off chance and his mums dog had pups, so will see if one fits for me. If not back to the drawing board again! Are you in the Uk or somewhere else? Your dogs sound so lovely. xx
  10. We must both be bad, as I had to make a post about deleting it and following it okay, well it is stuck there now! I can edit but can not delete! Sorry! xx
  11. Irish Collie: She is lovely. I love a long hair tri. D'Elle, how do you gauge the "personality of the dog and compatibility" if looking at puppies? (asking for advice) I bet it does get hot in Tucson. Here in the Uk, no worries about that! I can see how the sorter coats would be better for the heat. Mark, good advice also. Never seemed to have that problem, but I can certainly see why that is a pain. Ruth & Gibbs, how would you check for 'socially outgoing'? My boy loved strangers, had to do a lot of training with him to stay calm, but in his older age he was brilliant with that. Hello Julie aww lovely to hear you have a new one.
  12. Hello GentleLake, How are you? Good I hope! Okay got this now, thank you. I did the //Following// thing as it meant I could check the box on my comment! But seeing your advice and now checking it works, I know how to do this properly, shall I delete my //Following// comments? So sorry if I messed it up, I can delete? xx
  13. Hey Gang! Just wondering what people preferences are with coats, I know this is really personal person-to-person, or some might not care, just a generally wondering, what people like and why? For me, we had two tri boys, one long rough coat and one medium long coat. I guess tri colour boys with long or rough coats would be my preference as that is what we have known. I also like running my hands through the long coat
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