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  1. Thanks! The difficult part is that when I train her for a period of time( like 3 min?) she will easily becomes distracted. And her stomach is rather small so I cannot give her too much treats, which also limit the length of the training time.
  2. Thank you! I too don't think its a great idea, and yesterday I splited the 1-hour walk into two half-hour walk on early morning and late night. The bad part is that I had to get up very early for her now!
  3. Many appreciation for your reply, it helps a lot! I've tried on the down-time train, she has learnt the gesture cue and verbal cue of lying down, but hasn't managed the meaning of 'stay' yet. And the advice of 'be aware of the calmness' is very helpful!
  4. Hi everyone, first time post here, my puppy is an almost 3 month old female border collie, she is quite high energy and for this reason after the second vaccination I started to take her out during the late night when there is no people or dogs. According to many guides&websites, puppy need 5*their months of mintutes for exercise, thats to say my puppy only need 15 minutes walk per day? But I tried to take her for two nights, one hour each, and when we got home she was still relentless. I'm quite worried about too much exercise will affect her health, but she seems quite fine after t
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