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  1. Hello again to all! I hope everyone is safe, and healthy. So many people on this board remember my last thread from about 1 month ago, when I almost lost my dog Cody Mack due to a Rimadyl overdose. The support and well -wishes I received from this forum were incredibly! Quick update, Cody is just fine. His emergency vet, who not only owns BC’s, but also had extensive experience in Rimadyl overdosing, was “happily surprised” with Cody’s recovery. So thanks to everyone again! So my new problem is very embarrassing. Cody is now 8 months old. He is my 7th dog. I have always thought of myself at being pretty darn good at house breaking my dogs. I won’t go into exactly what I do, but I’ve never had any issues. So I don’t know what else to try with Cody. I thought I had him trained about 3 months ago. No issues at all for 2+ weeks. But for the last 4 months he’s doing both #1 and 2 in my kitchen, behind my island. It’s ALWAYS in the same spot. And most of the time I don’t know he’s doing it. So the problem is that Cody KNOWS he’s supposed to go outside! 50% of the time he does what he’s trained to do, and will come up to me and whine, then go straight to the backyard slider. When he does go in the kitchen, he will come up to me and lie down at my feet, looking VERY guilty. When he does go inside, I’ll show him what he did, tell him “no! Bad boy”, and then I put him in “the kennel of shame” LOL. One of the issues (I think) is that like so many other BC’s, he’s very smart. If it’s pouring rain (I live 20 miles south of Seattle), he makes no effort to go outside. I’ve tried pads, then moved the pads outside, but he could care less. He’s just very stubborn. I try and keep him on a schedule, but even that doesn’t work. I don’t EVER hit my dogs for bad behavior, nor do I do stupid things like rubbing his nose in it. I WILL use “super treats” when he does go outside, like a small cube of cheese. Like I said this is embarrassing. I have always been very successful at trading all my dogs. But this one is really giving me trouble. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Keep in mind however that I have tried everything I can think of. I had my “super dog” Truman....a Golden... trained in 3 days in 1998. Just the occasional accident. I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing, but I’m at a total loss here. It’s really pissing my wife off as well!
  2. Well I didn’t expect that! Just to be clear, what he does is grab an occasional towel on the kitchen counter, and shakes his head violently. Like I’m sure a lot of our dogs do with toys that have a rope attached to it. It’s not like someone on a movie who’s in jail, and tries to Lassus a rope and try to grab some keys that are lying on the floor, he just got lucky I think and connected with the pill bottle. Was he trying to do that? I don’t know....he’s way smarter than I expected him to be.
  3. Thank you so much! And many thanks to everyone for the great support!
  4. UPDATE: Hello to all! I am so sorry, I thought I left a post last night, but I probably didn’t hit the “submit” tab. Cody is ok!!! His critical bloodwork that was done on Saturday evening came back “shockingly great”. His kidney function panel was not only normal, it was MUCH better than normal! His BUN was at .6, which is Outstanding. His creatinine level was “high normal”. Think of it like a human having a real low LDL, and a real high HDL. His Saturday team is what really did it. Constant IV’s, with too many meds to mention administered. The vet was amazed he got through this so well. She was a BC owner herself, and had lots of experience in Rimadyl overdoses. He came out of it so well I do not even need to bring him back for a full month for a follow up panel. Now of course he has “ballistic Diarrhea”, but I expected that. As I am typing this he is back to his normal Mischievous self! What a relief! I actually lost it (again) when I got the Saturday night update, since he appeared to no longer be in danger. ALL DOG AND HUMAN MEDS ARE NOW PUT AWAY IN A SAFE PLACE!! We have also installed “child proof” latches on all kitchen cabinets! He has already been outside playing 3 times this morning (it’s about 8:30 am here) and he is showing no effects at all. In fact he’s so active he’s driving me nuts! Which is awesome! Thanks again to all! Tough lesson to learn, but lesson learned nonetheless. Mike
  5. Another quick pic. Couple weeks ago.
  6. Wanted to say thank you for the kind words regarding Cody, and trying to make me feel better. I have not received any calls from the on call hospital vets today (scheduled at 5:00 PST), and the 4 calls I have made to the tech(s) have been positive. Tomorrow morning’s vet call at 6:00 I should find out if Cody’s kidney functions are normal, or if they’re plummeting. I am going to try and keep a positive attitude! I’ll update everyone later. Thanks again! UPDATE: Blood draw scheduled at 5:00 my time (3 mins), Day vet calling me in 1 hour for Cody’s kidney function results. This is the big one, will determine if he’s going to pull through I thought I wouldn’t hear till tomorrow, but should know by 6ish Mike
  7. That’s a great way to describe them. I’ve had 4 golden’s, including one classified as “Dark Dark”. They are nuts until they hit about 2. I thought I would be prepared for Cody. Well I guess I’m not. The pain and guilt I feel is incredible.
  8. Thank you for the “well wishes”. Great advice on the hydrogen peroxide. I actually did know that, but I couldn’t find it!! Another screwup by me. Of course I did find it after I got home. Figures huh? But great advise nonetheless.
  9. My dog Cody is in a vet hospital. I left him inside alone for 5 mins. I had a bottle of 100mg Rimadyl sitting WAY back on my kitchen island. The NSAID is for my wife’s 11 year old NSDTR. Apparently he used his new trick, grabbing a kitchen towel, getting his paws up on the counter, and swings the towel to grab something. I kid you not. He’s big for a 24 week BC, with 14” legs. I had to call poison control, then rushed him to the closest vet hospital that would take him to induce vomiting ASAP. My vet, which is also a hospital, is 1/2 mile away. They wouldn’t take him, so I had to drive 30 mins to the next closest one. He got 8-10 100mg pills down him. Luckily I have a “barely” street legal race car, and I am an experienced track racer. Please don’t get on me about traffic rules, I don’t care that I got up to over 140 mph in a few spots. Problem was that even getting him there as fast as I could, he did NOT vomit up any Rimadyl treats at all. So, 50/50 whether or not he will develop kidney failure, and possibly have to be put down. He’s on 48 hours of IV to try and flush his kidneys, starting last night. I find out today at 5:00 what his liver functions are. Creatinine and BUN. I am sick about this, cause I feel like it’s my fault. I didn’t think he could reach the bottle, and my pet poison kit was WAAAY out of date. I may lose him because of my screwups. This is my seventh dog, but my first BC. He is extremely attached to me, and me to him. Long first post, but just wondering if anybody else has had a Rimadyl incident.
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