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  1. Hello All. I have an 8 month old border collie, who loves jumping. When we come home he jumps all over me, when guests come over, he jumps all over them, and cant seem to calm down. He barks and goes crazy running and jumping. When he goes out on his run if I enter "his area" he jumps and bites at me. He loves playing catch, but I am starting to hate it because I have to stand a distance out of where he can reach (which is a wide, long and overall big area). If I start to walk near him I get "attacked" at first I thought it was playful but now I am upset , he doesn't listen when I say no, and I have been hurt. I have three kids who aren't allowed out in the yard while he is out because of this, If they go into another area of the yard he barks and jumps towards them until he's choking himself. I had my 8 year old son out with me the other day to see how he did and try and play catch with him, he went after him biting and jumping on him. If I try and scoop his poop he barks and bites at me. As soon as I step off the patio, into the grass he perks up and runs towards me. It's getting frustrating with warm weather on our door step I always imagined us all outside playing happily together. (the dog me and the kids). Another problem is walks in public, he barks at everyone and everything. I am almost scared to bring him anywhere because of this behavior, and I have tried treats to distract him on walks while other people are walking by, but he is to far gone usually to regain his attention. Inside he is fine, obviously if the kids are jumping or running he starts jumping on them, and if we go outside he barks at the window the entire time, and runs around trying to grab things to chew. One time I took our cat into the bathroom to give her a bath and he whined and barked outside the door the whole time. I open the door to find he peed outside the door and chewed up a roll of paper towels and a tissue box , he has been trained to go outside for months. Any one have advice on how to train him not to jump and bite? Is this normal at 8 months, will he grow out of it? I am out of work indefinitely, as I work at a school, and the kids are out of school indefinitely, so I have time on my hands to hopefully train him. THANKS!
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