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  1. Sounds like a great place to take a dog. I'm jealous! So she liked it? She's a beaut!
  2. That makes for a cleaner dog when getting back in the car. Except for the sand of course. = ]
  3. That's funny. I'll say this. It seems as if Labradors were made for the beach. There were plenty of them out there and they were having a ball.
  4. It was Hazel's first ever trip to the beach. I thought she might be more intrigued, but she was rather indifferent. Neither bothered by the waves rolling in nor drawn to them. But we'll certainly go again if in the area. How does your BC react at the beach?
  5. They've been around since the days of the dinosaur. They'll no doubt be around long after we're gone too. They're hardy little buggers.
  6. 16 years old is amazing, especially with her circumstances. She's a strong one.
  7. Those ticks sound horrible. Australia has ALL the scary pests. But you're right. One has to weigh the pros and cons to see how their pets or farm animals will be affected.
  8. Of course any single dog that dies is bad. But there are so many things at the pet store and the vets than can also cause serious issues or worse. 1700 dogs is a lot, but if that's out of 10 million collars sold, it's infinitesimal as far as odds go. As for ticks, they are a nuisance. My dog Hazel picks a few when we go on hikes, but they don't stick around. Like you said, it kills them after they latch on and take a nibble. Which is better than seeing them hidden and completely engorged.
  9. Kluane and her surroundings are both beautiful.
  10. I saw this news today about the Seresto collar. It's fairly alarming. I was wondering who on this board uses it? I've been using it on my BC Hazel for over a year with no issues, nor with my previous dog and cats for a few years prior top that. Simply put, I know of no better flea preventative. I just never see any fleas. But as instructed, I don't put the collar on too tight, allowing for a few fingers to fit between the collar and the pet's neck. As I was searching this forum for previous posts about fleas, I saw a common issue. That the tired and true preventatives of the past (Frontline, etc) just weren't working anymore. I guess fleas adapt and then become immune. For me, Seresto is the only thing that's working. At least for now. As for the statistics of the number of pets who have died or been harmed, it would be beneficial to know how many collars have been sold so we could get a true idea of the percentage that have issues. These are after all pesticides, and will always have the potential to affect some more than others. But there should definitely be an EPA warning applied to the product, as well as further study into the percentages affected.
  11. Thanks for the compliments and the tips. Speaking of trimming ears, I actually did that for the for time a couple of days ago. But just some light thinning, mostly on the long hair under her ears at the side of her head. It was getting a bit overgrown. I'm pretty much doing as you did with your dog. Trimming mostly the back legs and butt area. Mainly to keep her cleaner back there and make it easier for her to clean herself. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply. Yes, Tansy and Hazel are quite similar. Tansy's a beaut. As for the hair, I'm letting it grow back out a bit. I do like the look of the whispy hairs. On the previous cut, I just thought I'd go real short all around to keep from having to do it more often. So as it's growing out now, I'm doing more discreet trims and not butchering it so much. Thanks again for the insight.
  13. I've done a decent job with trimming her hair on the tail, legs and feet. The only thing really left is all that hair around her ears. I'm surprised she can even hear me. = ] She does look cute though. Any tips on cutting hair around the ears and especially the inner part? I suppose I can check for videos online as well.
  14. Maddy and Murphy are cuties. Murph looks a little like my Hazel.
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