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  1. Thanks for the compliments and the tips. Speaking of trimming ears, I actually did that for the for time a couple of days ago. But just some light thinning, mostly on the long hair under her ears at the side of her head. It was getting a bit overgrown. I'm pretty much doing as you did with your dog. Trimming mostly the back legs and butt area. Mainly to keep her cleaner back there and make it easier for her to clean herself. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply. Yes, Tansy and Hazel are quite similar. Tansy's a beaut. As for the hair, I'm letting it grow back out a bit. I do like the look of the whispy hairs. On the previous cut, I just thought I'd go real short all around to keep from having to do it more often. So as it's growing out now, I'm doing more discreet trims and not butchering it so much. Thanks again for the insight.
  3. I've done a decent job with trimming her hair on the tail, legs and feet. The only thing really left is all that hair around her ears. I'm surprised she can even hear me. = ] She does look cute though. Any tips on cutting hair around the ears and especially the inner part? I suppose I can check for videos online as well.
  4. Maddy and Murphy are cuties. Murph looks a little like my Hazel.
  5. Feathers. lol. And don't get me started on the hair between her paw pads. The feet are the biggest challenge for me with hair and nail maintenance. But the more I keep up with it, the less she fusses. Thanks again!
  6. Hi Lawgirl. I just wasn't making any assumptions, as I don't have enough expertise with the breed. I've watched videos where people send in the doggy DNA and are surprised that their dog isn't what they thought it was. That's why I wanted to ask everyone here, the experts. = ] Thanks for your insight into her appearance and description of similar dogs. She definitely stood out to me at the shelter, because I wasn't really interested in the many pit bulls, huskies and chihuahua's on display. I'm so fortunate to have her.
  7. Thanks Michael. I've seen a couple of full-fledged BC's at the dog park, and Hazel's look and behavior are similar to theirs, but not totally. This is actually the first dog I've had that needs it's hair trimmed. All my others have been short-hairs. And man, does hair grow on this dog! I just got done trimming most of the hair from her back legs and tail. Now it's easier for her to clean herself. And less hair in the house too. = ]
  8. Thanks for the additional tips, Ruth. She's actually picking up 'come' and 'stay' fairly well. I have a cat, so for the first couple of months, it's been getting them to co-exist. It took longer than I thought. Here's the first pic I took of her, after picking her up at the shelter. They have you pick them up on the day they're fixed. So she's nervous, groggy and wearing a collar, and now some stranger is driving her somewhere else. The poor thing. The collar had to stay on for 2 weeks.
  9. Thanks for the detailed reply, Ruth and Gibbs. Hazel was found on a street in Bakersfield and no one had come to collect her. She was thin and there seemed to be signs that she wasn't treated very well. So if she has any BC traits, they might be buried a under the skittishness. She's easing up a little. Time will tell. She doesn't do the circling/herding type of moves so much. Maybe after she loosens up, that may change. She's not at all interested in tennis balls or frisbees. But she DOES love her walks! And I'm a bit overweight, so that is benefiting both of us. I ho
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