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  1. The vet said not to worry and didn’t explain what they were but I’m so curious! They’re kind of like black heads and the black gunk will often push itself out. Can anyone tell me what they are?
  2. I'm no expert and haven't tried the games mentioned above so this is just anecdotal personal experience. All the above seems very thorough but I wanted to share our experience in which some regular methods haven't worked well because of my dog's anxiety. I should mention that my dog is now on anxiety medication and that much of her progress may simply be due to that, but below is what seems to be working for us. I have a very barky and anxious girl. Realising that her barking was coming from a place of fear/stress helped a lot in how I deal with it. Initially, we tried to catch her to re
  3. Our 8 month old will sometimes still go inside in wet weather and we're not paying close enough attention, she used to be much worse though, and was a particularly difficult dog to house train despite being super clever! I spoke to a behaviouralist about this and it's very common for young dogs to not want to go outside if it is raining. We've got a very particular spot where we've trained ours to go outside which is partially sheltered from the rain. I think having this has helped, as has just being super patient and persistent with training. It's very frustrating though and I feel your pain
  4. Hi! Just thought I'd post an update that may help people looking through these boards in the future. Edie's has been diagnosed as anxiety and canine compulsive disorder. We assumed that she was going through a new fear period but as time wore on it escalated and we realised there was rarely five minutes we weren't focusing on her to try get her to stop barking. Turns out she's reactive to reflective surfaces like windows, tv screens and mirrors, but also to movements such as the tv when it's on, doors closing, the dog door being used and other things. She's also fearful and reactive to ob
  5. Also I'm soo impressed that your dog can do all of those things before you throw the ball! So clever! I may have to test that idea out...
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. Basically since we got her we've been trying to teach her fetch and she's just not willing to drop and leave it. She's perfect with low value toys but will rarely drop a ball, not even at home. So I suppose we've been trying to teach her that every day but perhaps that hasn't been the best decision. Fetch is paused indefinitely now and the trainer is coming this afternoon so hopefully we can get some information on how to help reduce her anxiety and barking/growling at everything . Throwing the ball as a reward is a good idea, as is using it for tricks! T
  7. Thank you! The advice about fetch is golden. We always thought fetch would get her energy out and giver her a 'job' to do but we didn't consider that perhaps the switching off on walks was because of it! We have removed fetch from walks (for now) and have noticed a massive difference in her responsiveness, thank you! And we will get started on agility foundations, we're isolating at the moment and have plenty of time to do stuff at home but can't go out on walks so this will be great. Thanks Teaching relaxation is and has been such a challenge, we can get her to lie down and rest her hea
  8. Pixie's adorable. She looks quite a lot like my puppy Edie!
  9. Hi Lawgirl, Thank you so much for your advice and helping me realise she's probably just going through a teenage phase! We will attempt some more trick training over exercise as you have suggested. We have noticed if we play fetch for a while something switches in her brain and she's super unresponsive and amped up! I think she is just generally a bit ambivalent towards people although she has started barking at people more, such as new visitors to the house and old women on walks. It can be scary for people on the receiving end and I feel awful! But hopefully with consistency and worki
  10. Hi BC boards, I'm a new member, long time reader. I haven't found any posts that sum up the problems we're having so I thought I'd post and ask for some advice as we're all in a bad way at the moment. Edie is 6 months old and out first dog (I know a BC for our first dog was probably not the best idea, but here we are). She has always been somewhat reactive to objects, sounds and cars. We have worked really hard on cars with her, doing desensitisation training daily for the past 4 months. She's now at a point where she won't generally attempt to lunge into the path of an oncoming c
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