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  1. Not so much here to be able to offer advice as I am to commiserate, relate, and validate! We are first time puppy parents to a 5.5 month old border mix who is displaying many of these behaviors (hence why I am scrolling these boards!) He has begun barking at random objects he has never barked at before (our bedroom window, a full length mirror). We live in an apartment and he never used to bark at people walking by outside or parking their cars but now he has found his "big boy bark" for those sorts of things. Worse, he's started using his big boy bark at us when he is displeased. He also hate
  2. Hi all! Looking for some guidance on potential crate anxiety. We are first time dog parents to a four month old Border Collie mix. We have had him a little over a month now. I work from home and, truly, I think this has done him a bit of a disservice as he is rarely crated. The first two weeks we had him, I would try two hour crate naps but it became such a chore to get him in the crate that I stopped (my issue, I know!) He would whine and cry to high hell at night so no longer sleeps in the crate at night and does perfectly fine sleeping on our bed or our floor. No destruction or bad hab
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