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  1. Thanks Cressa. I actually don't think I'd need to be extremely lucky, because all I really need is someone who knows the owner to stumble across one of these posts. The world is much smaller than it seems and our degrees of separation aren't that great. But you are correct. I'm certain I was bad-mouthed by the breeder, and they'll never admit anything, etc... I took the little puppy to meet the breeders to talk about some of his issues, and he jumped up on the picnic table at their dog park. They hit him in the face very hard, and he cowered and slunk away in fear, horror, and betrayal. I will be forever haunted by that (and by the fact that I let them have him back after that.)
  2. I am surprised that attempts to reach out here and on Reddit have not worked. I am surprised that I have been unable to crowd-source the location this puppy wound up in. I hope the puppy is doing well. If his owners have seen this and have not responded, well, they're idiot shits who suck as human beings. And if they do suck as human beings, the poor puppy is probably fucked too.
  3. My hope is that his owners will recognize my capacity for being discreet and be willing to contact me, even if anonymously.
  4. That's a good question, SS Cressa. Thanks. They won't let me have any access to their FB page, however. I hate them, and they hate me. Those bridges have been burned. They quite literally beat their puppies. (I know this because I watched them beat Freckles.) I will never forget the fear and horror that little boy expressed when they smacked the fucking shit out of his nose.
  5. Hi Folks, I'm looking for Freckles' new owner in order to check on his well-being. Here's a link to an IMGUR album of pics of the little baby boy: https://imgur.com/a/aYrT3TN He was ultimately rehomed by a breeder I despise who operates out of Southern Indiana. He had significant problematic behaviors which led to us ultimately having to let him be rehomed. We could have dealt with the issues if we lived in the country, but unfortunately his behavioral issues were not suited to city living. We hope is doing much better in a different setting. If you now have Freckles (the prettiest border collie I've ever seen), I am happy to arrange anonymous contact (so that you can be assured that I will not know who or where you are). I would like to hear about how Freckles is doing since his breeders didn't care. If you know who has Freckles, please do not provide me with that information. Please just ask them to get in touch with me either here or on Reddit (my Reddit username is "PuppyCheck"). Anonymous accounts on most sites, including here and Reddit, can be created using a throwaway e-mail address provided by sites such as: https://temp-mail.org/en/ https://www.reddit.com/user/PuppyCheck I have attached a document (in rich text format) which provides some information on Freckles. If you know where Freckles is, and are not his owner, please feel free to forward this document (or print it and send it) to his owners. We have many more pictures of Freckles we would be happy to share, and I would very much like to have a (again, anonymous) conversation with Freckles' new owners about his well-being, behavior, temperament, etc... If you have Freckles now, please put yourself in our shoes and consider taking the time to reach out to us. Freckles was so very deeply loved. Freckles_Info.rtf
  6. Our BC is the same as the OP's. He's now 9 months. We're not sure what we'll do with him, but it currently looks like he may go back to his breeder. I think BC's (or at least, our BC) may need much firmer discipline than we have been providing. We have not wanted to use aversive conditioning, but if the guy goes back to his breeder, they're going to give it to him, so we may as well see if it works (when nothing else has.) To that end, he's now getting firmly nose-bopped when his behavior is over-the-top bad. He should probably also be spending far more time in his crate so that he sees time out of it as a privilege. I don't like this at all, but this puppy is a problem puppy. You got unlucky. We got unlucky. You either cope or rehome. Try as many methods as you can to manage the behavior. It doesn't always work. It sounds like you're trying. If it doesn't work out, that's fine. Just make sure he's taken care of.
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