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  1. Hello, I made the crushing decision to put down my beloved BC at the age of almost 8. He had been vomiting repeatedly and despite 5 vet visits, medications, digital imaging and the like, the problem persisted. The vomiting began in May and continued through June. Eventually, the endoscopy revealed an ulcer. The biopsies revealed aggressive stomach cancer. Needless to say I was rocked to my core - since Chummy had recovered from an external sarcoma at the age of 6 (on his face), barely 18 months earlier. I fell to pieces learning of the news. Chummy was my whole life. I absolutely adored this dog. I asked the vet what could be done. Nothing. No surgery. No chemo. No radiation. He said that the next time he vomits, I should bring him in to be put down. I could not bare to wait and have him suffer. I was literally falling to pieces with this adorable creature. So I took him in, and I have been broken ever since. You cannot replace the one you love, but you can learn to love again. These dogs are soulful and intelligent. I need them in my life to feel content - they are beautiful creatures. My search continues...
  2. Curious about the reasons border collie pups display dominance and playful aggression over small animals like cats, bichons, and teacup yorkies?
  3. I have had the honour of owning three border collies to date. They have all been powerful, muscular males. My border now is 60 pounds and is built solidly. There are leaner collies in the 30 - 50 pound range, but my vets have said nothing about his weight. He exercises intensely every day, does his homework with around 200 toys that he knows by name and does agility and running daily too.
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