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  1. M wife and I are working from home with the kids being home schooled. Thor gets a run around the local oval, plus the. Reek. They’ve shut his dog park down for COVID which was his local hangout after training. He’s not happy, but He’ll have a buddy hopefully soon which will help with  the social stuff. 

  2. 12 hours ago, Lawgirl said:

    Attachment and bond building is not just a one way street - it is about interactions and making yourself someone and something that is interesting and rewarding.  You build your bond by having frequent interactions that are rewarding for the puppy.  Quick little sessions of trick training (even as simple as luring her into sitting, rewarding and making a fuss about her) several times a day, gradually adding in new tricks (e.g.down, roll over, give a paw, sit pretty, bark on command and so on) where you reward for success and always always end on a positive. Talk to your puppy, even if you are not really asking her to do anything.  Play with her, but keep control so that she does not get obsessive.

    You do not need to give her constant attention, that builds up to a new potential problem, and dogs need to learn to handle time outs and alone time, as like toddlers they can get overwhelmed and throw a tantrum, but attachment is a thousand little interactions, communications both verbal and by body language.  It can take time, so do not expect it to happen overnight.  Work on a gradual build up of trust.

    And we have BCs who like to sleep all day, but will still follow us around as we go from room to room and sleep in the room we are in, or keep us in sight where they are sleeping, and wake up when we move.  This does not necessarily mean they are not attached.  For example, all four BCs were in the same room as my partner yesterday, but all asleep and not all in arms reach.  The one by himself and furthest away is incredibly attached to my partner.  You may have been lucky enough to get a puppy with a natural off switch, rather than the stereotypical constantly hyperactive BC.  She will still be active when out, but switch off when there is no 'work' to do.



    PS we had to get an extra larger couch because of our dogs.

    Love that shot, brilliant 

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