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  1. My almost 5 month old border collie is obsessed with eating poop, he's not that interested in his own but eats anything else's (dog, cat, fox, rabbit, horse). I live with 3 other dogs and a cat so everytime I let him out to the toilet he starts desperately searching for poop to eat, once he finds it he gulps it down so fast that even if I grab him it's too late. He does the same on walks which means I don't want to let him off the lead. Is this normal? Is it a stage he'll grow out of? Is there anything I can do? Yesterday I went outside and instead of picking up the poop I sprayed every one with bitch spray (citronella thats meant to keep dogs away from bitches in season) He went over and sniffed the poop, thought about it for a moment, then grabbed it and swallowed it whole! He wasn't bothered at all!
  2. Forgot to add - He currently weights about 8.7kg
  3. Hi, My 16 week border collie Quincy looks quite underweight. He's fed alot and I use cheese as treats which is quite fattening but I can't seem to get him to put on weight. He's thin enough that you can clearly see all his ribs but not his backbone. I was wondering if this is normal for his age? Also what foods can I give him to help him put on weight? He's currently fed 300g of raw meat (including bones and liver), 300g of white rice and veg, 1 cup of dog biscuits and a small amount of cheese. Per day.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new here so thought I'd introduce myself and my border collie pup Quincy (well mainly Quincy lol). My name is Xanthe and Quincy is my 16 week old border collie. He's a very intelligent dog (as most collies are) and I love him to bits. He's not a working dog but a family pet. We are from the UK. Here are some photos of Quincy I was also wondering if my user name could be changed to QuincyTheCollie . I joined here before I got Quincy but my registration wasn't completed til yesterday
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