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  1. My two collies are 1 year old and are on Cambrian variety Biscuits that were given to me by a friend and now I’ve tried to buy them myself I can only get them off eBay and that puts me off. However the dogs love them. whats the best brand of dry food to feed collies? is it best to feed wet and dry or just dry? is Cambrian a good quality food? TIA
  2. My border collie puppy has been going on walks every day. On my days off we go for a 1 hour walk up the forest where she roams free - general, sniffing around, no ball play). then in the night we go to the park. After work I take her for a walk Around the park, where we play fetch with her ball which she loves for about 30 minutes. She would go on for longer if I let her but it’s continuous fetch which can’t be good for her joints. Then we make our way home. Then I had a week off work, Chance was very ill with a bug and I spent all week looking after her. We went on a short walk occasio
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