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  1. Thank you so very much, I worried that a procedure like that without a good reason would change him, maybe even make him mad at me I think now, that Clyde will keep being sweet Clyde in all his natural glory and we'll live happily ever after ❤️
  2. I also want to know if I should neuter him. He's free to run within the perimeter of our place. He's secure here. I'm here all the time. I'd also like you to know that in my search to find out about the people Clyde is coming from found out about them on your website. The comments were very negative about how these folks treat dogs. Thank you so very much those comments helped make my decision but Clyde himself sealed the deal
  3. People that ran a BC kennel no longer wanted to take care of the dogs, closed, and moved away. They dealt out the dogs to anyone that would take them or gave them up to the shelter. A friend brought Clyde over as help to these people. We bonded immediately. Clyde likes the chickens too never trys to harm them just watched over them. He's a great joy
  4. Hello I'm new here finding my way around. I adopted a handsome lavender boy and am so happy with him. Clyde(cuz that's the only name he answers to) came to me from a cage, what I'd call a puppy mill of 43 BCs used just to make puppies. Clyde is 4 yrs old and gorgeous. Seems he had no idea what a leash was, and just stares at me when I toss a ball or frisbee. All he wants is love and to cuddle. I succeeded with the collar and leash in only one week. He's so very smart and loyal. He lives with me in the pines of East Tx. Just me and Clyde. In my fenced front and back country home, I notice he wants to herd my little granddaughters and is very good at it. He has never had any training of any kind. He would be a perfect working dog given his nature. Besides just being with him, how do I keep him happy and busy?
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