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  1. Hi there! I posted about a month ago about potty training Luna and she is so great about holding it in and going outside! She doesn’t really ask to go but it seems like she knows that we let her out every 2-4 hours or so. She hasn’t had a single accident indoors for about 3 weeks now, which is a huge step for us. Luna turns 9 months old this week and I am always amazed at how quickly puppies grow and how quickly time flies by. It seems like it was just yesterday when Luna came home as a tiny puppy. Luna has improved in so many aspects and is very receptive and generally pretty obedient but there are a few things that have also been getting worse. Luna barks at certain strangers, especially at night when we go out to potty. We live in the city so during the day, we have a lot of people roaming around but at night it is dead silent. She NEVER barks at people during the day or even shows much interest in people jogging or biking or walking by. Luna is also very used to buses, cars and trucks driving by. If she is approached, she LOVES pets and attention. However, Luna can be a little defensive and talkative when she hears doors and footsteps downstairs in our condo. She often sits by the door and barks. She also comes up to us and sits by us after she’s done barking. This is behavior that has been going on for months and we usually tell her “no” and “enough” but she doesn’t seem to understand. Whenever she hears any noise behind the door, she is immediately on guard and barking and lightly growling. We have friends over occasionally and she never barks at them or anything. However, she barked at our maintenance men when they entered our apartment through the back door. They were also wearing masks and had lots of facial hair, haha. Is she protecting the home? Or is she anxious/fearful? This seems to be one of our main concerns at the moment. I’d love to hear if anyone has gone through this and how we can help Luna learn that not all noises are bad! Here are a few updated pictures of Luna!
  2. @Lawgirl @GentleLake Thank you so much for your responses! @GentleLake In terms of Luna going potty indoors, we actually trained Luna to go indoors for a while because she was very sick when we first got her at around 9 weeks. The vet recommended we let her go inside for some time until she fully healed. We live on the third floor (no elevators) in a large apartment so we grew comfortable with her going indoors and let her go potty in one of our vacant, smaller rooms. We eventually just made that her room with her crate and playpen. My partner spent hours carpeting the floors and making a large play space for her. I remember that day so clearly, haha. I knew potty training her indoors was a mistake to begin with and we are working hard to train her off of the pads and it's been almost a month of training her to go outside and she has been generally very good! Just a few accidents here and there. We take her out every 2-4 hours depending on activity level and if she whines/needs to go. Now her crate is in the living room and the vacant room is now our computer room, haha. So that is probably a huge reason why she sometimes has a few accidents although she seems to be understanding. Today she had an accident while playing indoors after we took her outside twice in 2 hours and she did not pee. She would just bark at people and want to play, which can be frustrating sometimes. I just thought I would let you know and if you have any advice on taking her off of pee pads that I am not doing! And for the antlers--Luna has gone through 2 antlers so far and she has not seemed to hurt her teeth! I will still be cautious. She really likes her benebones, which seem wonderful. I will definitely stay patient and try to work with her! She has been really calm and sweet today, despite the potty accident :p @Lawgirl Thank you so much for your thoughts! That seems like a very funny and accurate description of what Luna is like--I am not sure where her brain went, haha! I will definitely try nosework and hide and seek with Luna! That is a great idea. And thank you so much! She has a lot of freckles that are showing as she grow up.
  3. D'Elle, Thank you so much for your feedback! I really really appreciate it. I did not know antlers were known to be dangerous. I always thought they were a better alternative than raw hide, pig ears or any other long lasting chew. We will be on the lookout for an alternative chew for Luna! We definitely play with Luna every day but not every time she wants to. If we do, she would never stop, haha. She is definitely getting interaction and some exercise but we will try to do more training and mentally engaging activities. We have a lot of puzzles and toys for her! Luna has gotten better with going into her crate but only if we have a treat in hand, which is fine but I do not want her to only obey when we have treats. I know this will be a work in progress and she is still very young--sometimes pretty snobby, haha. We will definitely keep her mentally and physically stimulated as well as capturing calmness. We are working on heeling and some new fun tricks. If I am completely honest, sometimes it's very hard to keep up with Luna and I can get pretty discouraged sometimes because she does not listen or does something we do not like, such as peeing in the middle of the living room while looking at us and just not listening in general. It doesn't feel like we're working together sometimes. It was much better a few months ago when she was an absolute angel--around 4-5 months. She would sleep on her bed and remain calm in the living room without her crate! Nowadays it just seems like the energy never ends unless we enforce crate time. I think the most frustrating thing is when Luna purposely does not listen and for me, it's hard to not take it personally and feel like a failure. Thank you so much again for your advice! I am sure I will be back on here asking more questions. Also, this is Luna
  4. Hi there! Thank you so much for the add and I’m so excited to be a part of this community! I have an 8 month old border collie puppy named Luna and she is my third dog and first puppy that I am raising on my own. She is not a working dog— she is a companion dog. We live in RI! A little bit about Luna— she is very sweet and more on the submissive side. Her parents are family pets, her father from working lines and mother from non working lines. We are still trying to figure out her personality as it seems to change every now and then. I’ve read that female dogs tend to be much more stubborn and independent, which I can definitely see in Luna now. We believe she has medium to higher drive, although she rarely nips or demonstrates any heavy herding behavior. She just loves chasing frisbees, is always alert and also gets very hyped up when we move around a lot, such as running or crazy dancing. One thing I wanted to ask about is Luna’s constant chewing and gnawing on bones and toys. She is crate trained and is generally very great with sleeping and resting in her crate. However, she is sometimes disobedient and runs away when we tell her to go in after playing. We usually leave her dog bed outside of her crate in the living room so she can have a place to rest away from our furniture (she still jumps on the couch and beanbag occasionally, especially if she is being told to go into her crate). When she isn’t running around the house with her toys, she is very calm and chewing away at her benebone and antler. However, she is never not chewing. It’s either calmly chewing nonstop or running around the house with her other toys. Is this normal? In terms of exercise, we play frisbee frequently but not every day. We have also been playing a lot in indoors since COVID-19. We are trying to stay away from public places for now since we live in the city. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts! I am very open to advice and thoughts as I am learning how to raise a good dog! Sometimes I worry if I’m not doing enough or doing the right things. I just want to give my pup the best quality of life possible. Thank you!
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