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  1. Can i just ask why you think my home is a really bad fit? Other than the fact i don't have a farm, i am home 24/7 unless i need to go to the shops, he has plenty of exercise, attention, and love. He does not seem miserable at all - he is just misbehaving and i need advice on how to help him. Does everyone on this forum have their bc as a working dog, and not a family pet? If so i need to seek guidance from people who have bcs as indoor dogs and not working dogs. Sorry if this comes across as blunt, i just don't know why you think my home is a bad fit. Poo: I have spoken to the vet a fe
  2. Yes, we've been crate training since we had him. He sleeps in his crate and goes in there when we are not home. He is free in the house when i can be with him to watch him, or if i am upstairs working i leave him loose in the kitchen as i don't want to confine him so that he can't play or go outside. I agree, he needs more training, but he has such a little attention span and gets frustrated very easily, so quite often training sessions are literally a few minutes long, as he starts to get really annoyed that he can't get the treat that he knows i have somewhere. I would say he has consi
  3. Hi all. I'm new here. I'm at the end of my tether with my BC. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I'm also sorry if i have put this topic in the wrong place, I've not used forums before. We have a 6mo male BC, he came from 2 working parents (I know, that should have been enough to put us off as he is a house dog with us not a working dog). I really struggled with him the first few months, I was miserable (and still am). He was doing all the puppy things but it seemed to be much worse than what I would read about online, and other people (including the kennels while we were awa
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