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  1. Thank you so much for your advice my boy has calmed down soo much since our last post. We have been 100 percent consistent and he relaxed 2 hours today.. 2 Hours!!! This is amazing I have a dog. I am soo happy and he is so much softer and generally happy Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!
  2. I have tried sit on the dog he just goes mental and rags on the lead. Super overstimulated and insane.
  3. That makes a lot of sense but it kind of worries me this will cause aggression just because my heads full of all the stuff I have heard from positive only trainers. However this does seem logical and I did it today. He did give up eventually doing the bad behaviours.
  4. We are trying the timeouts in the crate and asking him isn't going well. When he knows hes doing naughty things and I ask him to go to bed he gets frustrated and mouths at us and scratches us which results in us gently trying to put him in his crate
  5. For the first 6 weeks after my 10 month was neutered he was not himself.. He's very confident and was acting fearful and bizarre he got back to himself but it took time.
  6. This is it he can only settle when extremely worn out... Which isn't great because I don't want to have to constantly do more and more to get him there. He can't settle when tired and waits for us to put him in his crate any suggestions on how to implant that off switch. The rest of your advice was fantastic. Thank you
  7. He's fine in the crate that's where he's sleeping.. But he does this in front of us in between being in a crate
  8. 13month tugs on rug curtains his bed and duvet in our room.. He will pick them up and thrash them what's the most efficient way of curbing this? He gets lots of trick training, tug fetch and 2 one hour walks a day. He seems to do it out of frustration and used to bite his lead a lot. Any ideas to extinguish this.. Redirecting does not work well.
  9. Me personally.. 1. If they care enough to vet you on the breed 2. Their general demeanour 3. The mum and dads temperaments 4. If they get the pups checked at the vets for any health issues 5. How many litters they have a year 6. If you still aren't sold and they have previous litters ask to see how those dogs are doing..
  10. I have a one year old neutered beautiful Male border collie whose behaviour is spiralling down hill we have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He has always really struggled to sleep outside of his crate we had to rely on enforced naps up until 8 months because he would get overtired and stroppy. At 8 months he began to settle by himself he was doing well, not perfect but it all felt like it begun to click and if felt like finally we where getting a dog start to come through. We have worked so hard to extinguish a lot of issues like his lead biting he exhibits when frustrated and we did this un
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