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  1. D'Elle- I think we should have named after chocolate manufacturer as we seriously don't know what we'll get day to day. Now, we rarely ever hear Master Toby barking but last night my daughter was watching this youtube video and he instantly got alert from his comatose position in the crate, ears up and started barking. He then proceeded to the front of the crate and starts barking, looking around him. We were all really surprised when he leaves the crate and proceeds to walk around the living room through the house as if looking for something. Occasionally stopping to bark. And so it was for
  2. D'Elle- A doggy door is not an option at this time. I can get him out of the crate by putting on his leash, giving a gentle tug and saying "Let's go" . He seems less likely to urine with this method vs me saying "Let's go" and waiting for him to come as he tends to cower in the corner at that point. I am putting more effort into ignoring him, looking away and allowing him to be the one initiating contact. When I am holding the little dog which seems to light his soul, he will leave his crate and approach me. She's getting all the fluffing and attention and and he will push my hand on
  3. Xanax has been the recommendation so far from his vet that has some expertise in behavioral issues. His behaviorist suggests meds as a last resort as well. D'Elle- I have read your entire thread regarding your journey with Kelso. It's pretty much what kept me from giving up on him. I think it's fair to say we gave up on him having therapeutic effect on my niece and just try to see when and if he turns the corner. In a lot of ways he has made a lot of progress from when we first got him. He will come up to me for side rubs if our 4lb Chihuahua/Yorkie dog is nearby. He seems to live for
  4. Hello Everyone, Our family rescued an almost 2 year Border/Assue (or so they say) from one of our Metro Atlanta rescue groups. My niece chose him as he was the easiest to handle on leash and was so sweet and allowed her to hug him during their first meeting. She suffers from anxiety and depression and instantly fell in love with him. The fosters who had him at the time were anxious for us to have him sleep over for the week. Too much if you ask me. We were told all he does is stare out the window and go to his crate and is a bit skittish at times. This is an understatement. 3 months lat
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