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  1. @Lenie that’s certainly okay! I like to see other peoples questions about this topic as well, helps me learn to Your puppy is gorgeous
  2. Oh is it aha I didn’t realise! oh really! That’s where I live atm, I used to live further out but didn’t want to always drive 40 minutes to get to places ahaha. Tanunda is a beautiful place, what a small world!
  3. Oh cool! Do many Aussie’s use this site? I live north of Adelaide! Where it’s starts to be the country
  4. Thank you! She’s amazing, she’s my first BC and is very different to my blue heeler. Definitely has a strong personality which I love
  5. Thank you so much, I have enjoyed trying to learn more about this! Heres a couple photos of my BC
  6. @NCStarkey thank you for your help!
  7. @GentleLake thank you for your help, so would breeding a Merle and a dog with a slate colour have the same health risks and Merle to Merle?
  8. Hi, I have a chocolate Merle border collie and I’m trying to understand her genetics. Her mum was a blue Merle and dad was a brown tri. From what I understand breeding Merle with Merle is bad because of the heath risks, but what colours are considered Merle and what colours aren’t Merle? Is it just the patterns or is any colour other than black and white considered a Merle? There was one deaf puppy in her litter and could the colours of both parents be the reason why? Im not planning on breeding my collie, Im just interested in learning more and to know how to tell a responsible breeder from an un responsible one. Is lilac or wheaten or even black tri considered Merle or they can safely breed with a Merle? Or you can only safely breed a Merle with a black and white collie? again I’m not planning on breeding I just am interested in understanding border collie colours. Thanks so much for your help!
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