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  1. Our 9 month old female BC mix will fight for all she is worth if I want to snuggle with her (she is soooo cute I can’t stand it! Lol) One night when I was HEAVILY distressed about something’s our family was dealing with though Rosie seemed to know even though I was not making noise or any other tip offs and she just walked across the bed and laid her muzzle on my chest (was very comforting : ) Other than that she will sleep sometimes at the back of my pillow but if you pet or disturb her (even a “good girl” & ear scratch! she will relocate). However she does like to stay in conta
  2. Well after a long run of 100 plus heat indexes it is going down to 78f tomorrow! Woo hoo! Will have to take Rosie out there for some fetch or a trip to the Park & supervising my work on my old car and see if she handles the temps better. if not, alway ready to give her breaks & of course the ole chubby belly rubs lol Thank you everyone for the info and smiles : )
  3. Thanks for helping GentleLake,. I got it from a dedicated t-shirt company but that is the exact same shirt you found on Amazon and will probably ship faster. I was just going to look for my electronic receipt so you saved me some time so thank you : )
  4. Rosie and I showing off our new t-shirt! lol sorry don’t know why some of my pictures are horizontal even made the original pics horizontal hoping it would be vertical but no dice lol
  5. So our son calls and tells us he found a starving (skin & bones) kitty beside the Hwy in rush hour traffic. No tags,covered with fleas,&filthy. Of course we caved in and let him bring her home siiiiiiiiiiiigh. Could not believe the coat similarities! Even our older cat was going insanely slow towards her after we let her see the kitty a couple days later. ”Grrrrreeeeeat another one of those K-9’s! Hmmmph!” Our BC Rosie was ready to play but kitty is still getting use to things : )
  6. Never having had a BC I thought they would deal with the Southern heat & humidity better but Rosie was panting on the steps (yes had water) sitting at the door. This was her shortly after getting into the a/c lol Please excuse the dirty carpet but someone is going to wear our vacuum cleaner out!
  7. I think she will be okay but thank you. i got our 15 year old chow chow mix back on his feet(vet said he wouldn’t make it past 3 or 4) with a lot of patience holding him up till he quivered everyday and lots of protein & a baby aspirin for his pain. Drove home a few weeks later & he was up on his own power wagging his tail to greet me : ) i will do whatever is needed : )
  8. Yes Sir,I think you might be on to something there. Thanks for the compliment too,boy do I love this lil girl,we are gonna be besssssssst buddies : )
  9. Thank you for accepting me to your forum : ) I posted as a guest but got long winded so will keep this one “short an sweet” just like our 3 month old BC mix “Rosie”. Posting a few pictures of her and I appreciate any thoughts on her mix or any helpful comments as she is our first BC after admiring them for years. We know her legs are a little shorter so some smaller breed mix possibly but that’s about all we know other than she also has bow legs (think it is cute though and no hip displacia : ) Any guesses on her final weight?
  10. Hi my name is John our family has had our sweet little BC mix for almost a month. Our daughter named her Rosie, and as I am on disability at 55 I spend about 24/7 with Rosie. Our 15 year old female Peek a poo died in my arms last summer and our male Shi Poo,Max is totally blind now and we are getting ready to be empty nesters. I believe my wife knew I wasn’t going to handle it well when we eventually lose Max and when I saw lil Rosie it was love at first sight : ) She an Max get along well now that he is use to Rosie walking up and bumping his nose (remember he is blind so start
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